PolitiFact, the fact-checking organization operated by the Tampa Bay Times, called-out Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’ bogus economic claim Thursday, saying her argument that the US unemployment rate was low because many workers had “two jobs” was a “Pants on Fire”-level lie.

Cortez left many economists shaking their heads this week after making the bizarre statement, saying “Unemployment is low because everyone has two jobs. Unemployment is low because people are working 60, 70, 80 hours a week and can barely feed their family.”

“In our review, we found many reasons why unemployment is low, and not for the overwork that Ocasio-Cortez cited. The biggest factors include strong economic confidence and the long-running economic recovery,” writes PolitiFact.

Ocasio-Cortez didn’t just misspeak, she believes it.  It’s the type of rhetoric you hear on the street and not at the cocktail parties of the donor class.

This isn’t the first time Ocasio-Cortez has made stupid comments.  It’s as if she fires off statements based not on facts, but on her own ideological, amateurish, hyperbole-based belief system, because that’s what she’s been told to believe by the national leftist hubbub.

Ocasio-Cortez appeared to get her political colors mixed up on Friday, when she said in a video that she wanted to turn a Kansas House seat red.  Well, she is a self-described democratic socialist, and socialists the world over do use the color red, so ipso facto, she went with her socialist gut.

Either way, the 28-year-old politician is showing signs of not being ready for the political journey she wants to take.  She’s not polished enough, and not knowledgeable enough to be a member of Congress, but those types of flaws have never stopped Democrats in the past.

Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chairman Tom Perez said Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez represents the “future of our party.”

“I have three kids. Two of them are daughters — one just graduated college, one who is in college. And they were both texting me about their excitement over Alexandria because she really — she represents the future of our party,” Perez said on “The Bill Press Show.”

If that’s the case then the future is looking pretty good for Republicans.

SOURCE: Hannity

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