Apparently, David Hogg’s little sister is as clueless as he is. In fact, from what I’ve seen it runs in the family. David Hogg says his sister wants to be an activist like he is. (Some say he wants to become a journalist but he wants to work at CNN, so that’s unlikely) To show support for nonviolence Lauren Hogg was encouraging kids to wear armbands to show their support. I’m guessing history is not her best subject. Kids used to go around wearing arm bands in the late 30’s and early 40’s. They also wore jackboots and goose stepped. James Woods saw her post and he replied to her.


Lauren Hogg later deleted her tweet and apologized after James Woods schooled her on history

James Woods then spoke sincerely to her about what she is doing and how she should go about it.


I don’t believe anyone in that family deviates from the DNC talking points. Not surprising since the father was in the Democrat biased FBI.


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