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PODCAST: 66 Corruption Files Charged!



00:02 It’s Hump Day. Tgi W folks, t g I w. thank God it’s Wednesday. You got to think of her everyday because you know what? Some people did not wake up this morning. Some people didn’t. You got to know it. You gotta be thankful for every single day. I know I am. I know. I’m thankful for every single day. Hey, David Mcfarland, Texas in the house. I think you were first on yesterday to David. God bless you brother. I love you are right there waiting to see what I’ve got to say. That’s an honor. Sandra, welcome. How are you? Kimmy? Deal. Welcome. How are you? I’ve got some news to share today folks. I’ve got some news to share. Wake up sleepyhead. Yeah, that’s right. Hey Kimberly, how are you? I’ve got some news to share. Share the heck out of this. The Broward County sheriff’s department is dirty. It is dirty. Oh my goodness. Have you seen this article is going crazy on my page.

00:57 If you haven’t gotten there to read this for yourself and share it, you need to get on there and share. Harry Carey. Hey Irene. Hey, Laura redding, California home girl town, Laura. Nice. Rudy. Ruby. Excuse me, Debbie. There is something crazy going on. And the uh, and we are just finding out just the beginnings of exactly how dirty it is, how dirty this department has been. 60 six investigations, 66 cases of corruption in the sheriff’s department. That totally just boggled, just messed up, just absolutely mishandled to the nth degree. The shooting in their own high school, in their own city, in their own hometown. Sheriff Israel needs to resign. I mean there’s 75 legislators. I’m going to talk about that in a minute. [inaudible]. Hey Joanna. Seventy five legislators, legislators have already asked, have already asked for his resignation is getting deep and the swamp. This, you know what?

02:03 This is part of the swamp being drained. I just absolutely hate the fact that it came, that some of it has to come because of instances like this. These deaths and all these injuries are absolutely ludicrous. It’s absolutely ludicrous. As somebody said, we’ll so check this. David Harris, Jr, [inaudible], sheriff Israel being investigated by Broward County attorney for 66, 66 cases of corruption since 2012. There’s been more than 66 investigations by the Broward County attorney, the office into the sheriff’s deputies. You want to hear some of the things that they’re being investigated for. You know, I remember hearing this story, the death of Mcbean here. Here we’ve got one and it’s all known and you know what? I try to really appeal to everybody, all Americans, no matter what your political affiliation. I really hope that your political, that your own, that you are awakened and begin to look at things from a, at least open your mind to the possibility that things aren’t as they seem.

03:15 I’ve got a friend of mine that it just baffles me that he will go to the to the extreme to try to defend Obama. He’ll go to the extreme other side. I’m like, where do you come up with these ideas? Where do you come up with these thoughts? He’s, he’s basically saying that all this gun control and that the teachers being armed as somehow a plot by Donald Trump to get guns inside of our schools because that’s the chest move. Are you kidding me? Where, where do people come up with this stuff? It’s like they, it’s like they are so bent that Obama was their messiah and that he was holier than thou that they’re. They refused to look at the facts. I mean, you’ve got to look at the facts and you can’t think crazy. I mean you can’t, we can’t. We just look at the facts.

04:14 Can we actually look at history? Kimmy? Look at the way that certain politicians, and again, it can be both sides. We need the swamp. Could be on either side of the political aisle. There’s Republicans and are in the swamp. There’s Democrats are in the swamp. I certainly believe that more of the swamp creatures they hang out on that Democrat side. They cultivate there, they grow, they’re. They support each other there, but I don’t know that there’s actually any good democrats out pull it from politicians I’m talking about out there that are leading the country. Look at the examples for our leading politicians that are leading the country that are leading the state, like California. They’re leading it into a pet. They’re leading into an absolute pet. I’ll get back into that in a minute, but there was a young black man that was walking in his own neighborhood.

05:07 He was an engineering student. He walked to the store and he got a gun. He got an air rifle. Wasn’t even a real rifle. He got an air rifle. Do you remember hearing about this story? He’s walking home and somebody called the police on this young black man and by the time the police got there, he was already inside of his house. The policemen opened the door. It’s a Broward County sheriff deputy that opened the knocked on the door and when he saw the young black man and he saw the rifle, he didn’t understand or didn’t realize it was fake. Even though the call or the call to then set, it could be an air rifle, but I just want to let you know there’s somebody walking through the neighborhood with a rifle over their back or in the back of their, their bag. So this sheriff shows up to this young man’s house and sees this air and shoots him and kills him.

06:02 This is the Broward County sheriff’s department. He was listening to earbuds. The young man’s name was being. He was killed. The, uh, the investigation went right to the top of the officer. Perez de actually wound up getting indicted for murder, of which then the judge let him off. I say, folks, it’s all on this article that should be shared. It’s all on this article right here. We see sheriffs, sheriffs, Israel being investigated. Yeah. That’s just, that’s just one bias. Counter murders. Just one limit. These 66 Broward County and Broward Sheriff’s Office, deputies and other employees, including supervisor personnel, were arrested, arrested for or charged with and convicted of crimes that run the gamut from armed kidnapping to battery to assault, falsifying records, official misconduct, narcotics trafficking, and other crimes. Involving dishonesty and violence in the years immediately preceding 2013 when Jermaine was killed, the most offenses on the list occurred between 2012 and [inaudible]. I mean this is a dirty sheriff’s department, but it was still sheriff Israel. It was his department, and I know I showed this on Monday. I don’t know how much this now has to do with it, but how does this make you feel? And again, I, I’m the least racist person out there. I’m, I’m, I’m, I’m a mother. I’m a Heinz 58 and a half. I’ve got the best of both worlds, but it. What does this do to you to see a very Caucasian sheriff’s deputy speaker like this?

07:55 I’m doing it out of a lot of brothers and sisters. Loss upon on what Allah has blessed us with another Ramadan. My alone has locked the shape and I was going to let us share. Continues to lock the back people in show. I’m going to stand here before you. Today. Is Lisa. Lisa here. She needs, um,

08:20 that sheriff that is currently a part of the Broward County sheriff’s department. Oh, let me hold on, look at all the other sheriffs that are there.

08:28 It’s important that we hear they are there and I won’t take much time and I’ll introduce the sheriff to testify before you. Brothers and sisters. [inaudible] important for you to hear from us.

08:39 Sisters, I’ll make sure. I don’t know how that makes you feel. I don’t. Makes me feel very uneasy. So you add to that the 66 counts of horrendous crimes, narcotics trafficking, kidnapping from this sheriff’s department, and then you got to ask yourself, I mean, you really should really look at it. Ask yourself what is their political affiliation? I’m sure you’ve seen the pictures with sheriff Israel, with his arm around Hillary Clinton. I know Laura loomer has talked about there’s public records that show how much, how much this Broward County sheriff’s department has donated to the Democrat Party. They’re Democrats, they’re liberals, they’re corrupt, and they’ve got this scandal involving 17 dead and over 30 people injured. Now I went off on a rant on Saturday. I went off. I was in my car. I just heard the news. I decided to go live without this. I went off and I went off at the four officers, the four sheriff’s deputies that did not go into the shooting.

09:51 I’ve got a video to show you that I’ve got to give. I gotta give a break to one of these sheriff’s deputies. I don’t know the story with the other thing with the other three other than the fact that they were told to not go in unless they had body cams, which is a whole nother story because that’s very, very. That’s significant and that that was exactly what they were told in 2015 and the Fort Lauderdale shooting, but they didn’t have body cams. They’re not issued body cams, so why give somebody in order that they can obey that they know they can obey that suspect for one, but this. This right here, this sheriff, this sheriff’s deputies actually was actually stationed on the high school. He’s very familiar with the high school and he shares how when he heard this belt, the bell go off. He heard this, the, the, the, the alarm go off, and then he heard what he thought initially were firecrackers and then he realized that when he heard kids screaming and he saw kid ran out, ran out, he had a bullet wound in his leg. He patched him up. He wind up grabbing, grabbing a weapon. He said he was in t shirt and shorts and then he talks about and then he shares what he did next and you guys have got it, do this.

11:03 And then after that I called. I called my wife.

11:20 I don’t know about you, but right there when I heard he’s out of school and he called his wife and this is why we’ve got to look at all the information and know all the facts and that’s why we want to know the facts. We want to know the truth. We want to know exactly what’s happening so that we can identify those people that are responsible for not doing their job and be do things to try to ensure that stuff like this doesn’t happen again. So when I first heard that, I was like, why did he stop to call his wife? And then I heard the rest,

11:49 I was able to get a yes, this

11:54 is live streaming live by the grace of Allah.

12:12 Opposite ends of this bull. My son was out on a bathroom pass and my wife wasn’t planning inside the girl’s locker room, I think where the farm and decided to back your way. So by the grace of God and when they walked down the hallway, they found each other

12:35 shelter in place.

12:44 He’s obviously truly broken up. I tried to put myself in his shoes. The man’s wife and his son were both at the school, obviously obvious reason for him to want to call his wife and find out if she was OK and his son. So to find out that they were OK. That’s good. So for this sheriff,

13:08 I don’t know what else he could’ve done again because then the next, the next thing that they were told not to go inside unless they have body, unless they had body cams. And I’m going to go back to this other video inside this mosque where a sheriff Israel is talking, sheriff Israel is talking and the, uh, the, the, the, the head Islamic guy at this moss comes up after him to thank him for coming in and it has a few words to share and it sounds like he’s very familiar with this sheriff Israel. It sounds like he’s familiar with them and it sounds like he was familiar with his faith as well. Will you tell me? Yeah.

13:52 Sheriff’s got Israel and you know, you’re welcome here any time because they know you’re a man of God. I haven’t heard it many times. Is the opposite. And said, deputy sheriff, you know, I’ve listened to the, the, the sheriff and installation and growth innovation ceremony at Broward Sheriff’s office at the National Day. Per Annum. Or does it by him for placing God first. So you will come here. This is not only Ramadan, this is all a Juma, most auspicious core service. He’s a pleasure to have you here. You’re welcome. All the time. All right. Thank you very much.

14:26 He’s welcome there. We know he’s corrupt. We know he absolutely dropped the ball on this entire thing. We know that the, that the order was given for the, the, uh, the deputy officers that were outside of the school to not go inside the school, you know, I’m talking about this more because the mainstream media, they’re not giving us the truth or they’re not giving us the answers or they refuse to just report on the questions that we have. That of us should be asking of, should want to know the truth about, we should all want to know the truth of this. Now with knowing that there’s 66, and again, if you haven’t shared that on my page at David Harris Teeter Dot com, 66 investigations into the Broward County sheriff’s department, that needs to go viral. Folks, Sheriff Israel and all his corrupt deputies for all the charges that they’ve been charged for, they need to be held accountable.

15:15 How have they been able to get away with this for so long? So you hear here, you’ve got an absolute corrupt sheriff’s department and then they’re the ones that are in charge of handling a mass shooting and they fumble it. They completely turned into a debacle. What do you think is really going on? What do you think is really happening? I’m thinking that legislators are stepping up and they are saying that, uh, well here’s the Laura, heres the Laura Ingram where she’s talking about exactly why they were told not to go inside, but I’m glad that they’re, that they are stepping up until the legislators to, uh, to fire Israel. Israel just needs to resign. I don’t know why is why, you know, when it’s like, it’s like the Obama effect. I don’t have this one up here, but Obama is on a speaking tour again.

16:01 He’s, he’s on the campaign trail again. He’s totally, he’s totally just died a, it’s crazy what he’s doing. He is, he is eliminating, if you will. He is trying to turn a blind eye. He’s acting like all this stuff that he did on his watch never happen. He’s, he’s not embarrassed about anything that took place underneath his watch. He’s disassociating himself from everything that he did on his watch to the American people that was done to us, and he’s on a speaking tour. Again, he’s on a speaking engagement. Again, it’s just like that is real. It’s got the same kind of mentality and the same attitude. He wants to deny, deny, deny. It’s his fault. You’ve heard him saying, it’s not my fault. I give them a badge and a gun. I can’t make sure that they go do their job. That is your job to make sure that they do their job, so if they don’t go do their job, you need to get out and we need to find somebody else that’ll get in there and do their job.

16:57 So you need to take a resignation. You what? Wherever you turn dirty, wherever you went, corrupt to allow those corrupt things to happen on your watch. It should be enough for you to get fired, period. Forget resigning. You should be fired. So that’s. That’s the questions that I know I have as an American. If you have those questions. Two, again, please share this because hopefully we’re going to see some Americans out there that began to put the dots, connect the dots to places that say, you know what, it does not make sense that I continue to be loyal to this Democrat platform and these democratic politicians and the political elites that are running things the direction that I don’t want them to go that are not safe for me, that are not safe for my country, that are not safe for my family and my friends.

17:41 That’s the hope, right? Because that’s the direction that we’ve got to go as a country. We’ve got to go a direction where we are going to see people stand up against tyranny and against the left and against the political elite that are left leaning liberals that want to push us into socialism. That’s what they want. They want total control and we can’t allow that to happen. You know, in Las Vegas when the Las Vegas massacre happened. I mean, we’re were the questions about that. How come we’re not hearing more about that? Democrats were actually told not to politicize the Las Vegas massacre. Are you kidding me? This hasn’t even been shared on my facebook page yet. You can go to my website. You can share this from there, but there’s actually a memo that’s come out. There’s a, there’s an internal, uh, internal conflict started the Democrat Party specifically that they should not take advantage of the tragedy by campaigning the issue or stay quiet.

18:31 You really think you got to tell people to politicize a mass murder. Except that’s exactly what they’re doing right now because they’re desperate. They are so desperate. They don’t want to lose some more seats in November and they don’t want to lose more control November. But that’s exactly. I believe what’s going to happen because the, their dirty laundry is being aired. Their dirty laundry is absolutely being aired and I also, I also hear it and I see the comments and people say, you know what? It’s so sinister to me to even think about the fact that any of this could have been plotted intentionally to just throw, throw, just a distraction to all of us Americans. Because now what’s happening with all the news, it is what the mainstream media has done though. What again, whether it was an intentional plot

19:18 or not, we don’t. I don’t have the proof of that. I can’t speak from that regard, but where’s the attention of the memo? Where’s the attention of the of the Russia collusion that didn’t happen with trump but didn’t happen with Hillary, wears the attention on uranium [inaudible]. Where’s the attention on Bill Clinton and his speaking fees? Whereas the attention on all the corruption that came out about the DNC, where is that the Democrat memos that they released was garbage. It was full of holes. Nuñez ripped it apart, so where’s the attention on all these things? Because now this shooting happened, now it’s all and that’s all the Democrats want to talk about. That is at least whether it was intentional or not, they’re definitely taking advantage of it to try to shift direction and create a distraction against all the things that I think you and I have. The American people absolutely still want to know. I think we absolutely still want to know the answers to those things

20:14 so you know what I think we’re gonna find out in other news. I’m glad to hear that so many people stood up against joy. Bear on the view for her absolutely just disgusting rant against Mike Pence and really any, whether you’re a believer, a Christian or not, it should discuss you that while while Islam gets a pass and while all these other things get a pass, there’s been such a blatant attack on one specific faith and it has been Christianity. And so for joy bear those ladies on the view to throw out their disgusting, a negative narrative about Mike Pence being having a mental illness. It’s just this. It’s disturbing for somebody to equate having a faith in a belief that’s about God to having a mental illness. So 30,000 people stood up. 30,000 people called in to ABC and the, uh, to, to try to let them know, hey, we do not condone this.

21:13 This needs to be handled. Uh, since, uh, since joy bear and sunny hostin condemn Christians on their show, the view ABC received over 30,000 calls, guess what? They still have yet to do anything about it. Folks. They have yet to do anything about it. The panel criticized pins. This is the day before. That’s all just all crazy. Again, that time seems to be going by faster and faster. But a 30,000 people called ABC ABC. How can we haven’t done anything about it? You haven’t even said anything. If nothing else, she should apologize to all the people she offended. And again, she’s a liberal. How many times, how many different things have to happen for people to understand that there is something wrong, there’s something wrong with the way liberals think and what they think is OK and then yet what’s not OK? It’s like the argument that the liberal has that says, well, you know, if you ban abortions people, we’re just going to get abortions anyway. They’re going to do it illegally. But if you banned guns with all the guns will be gone.

22:24 How insane is that? You have passed the liberal argument. If you ban abortions there and do it anyway, there’s going to do it illegally, but if you ban on guns, there won’t be any guns and gun crimes. There won’t be any violence because all the guns were banned. How asinine is that? Absolutely ridiculous. It’s absolutely ridiculous. There’s something wrong. So for those of you that are keyed around the fence out there that are saying, you know what, there are some things that just don’t make sense or don’t quite line up with the way the book, the way the Democrat Party is ran into that liberal ideal I idealism of thinking. Maybe there’s something else that should be done. I think that, uh, I think that hopefully we can, we can agree that they definitely need to have a different way of thinking about things because it just doesn’t make any sense. It just doesn’t make any sense. You joined, you know, people say they’re Christian. I just saw somebody say, joy bears a Catholic. People say they’re Christian. You know what? I can sit in my garage seven days a week, 24 hours a day. That doesn’t make me an automobile.

23:30 It just doesn’t, so I, you know, somebody’s saying one thing and then doing something else, you know, the proof is in the pudding and the pudding is how you treat people. The pudding is how you relate to people. The pudding is how you make other people feel, and the pudding is how you put other people above yourself in certain situations when you get people on it and you give people respect when you do those things. And then if you say you’re a believer and you’ve got an ultimate, you know, you’ve got an alternative reality. They’re an alternative motive where you want to try to bring some good news, faith to them about salvation. I mean, that’s, that’s there’s, there’s more to being a believer in anything about being a Catholic than just sitting in a pew and going to church or mass on Saturday or Sunday or whatever it is for Catholics.

24:13 Um, so here’s the businesses. Did you hear about Dick’s sporting goods? Dick’s sporting goods came out with a statement saying they are going to, they’re going to ban assault rifles. And again, why are they calling assault rifles? It’s almost like there’s a negative connotation in there just in the fact that it’s called. It’s called an assault rifle. You know, it’s a, it’s a rifle that fire’s really fast and I’m not huge on guns. I’m going to be getting all that stuff. I’m getting better. But uh, what I do know is that, uh, here, here’s the statement right here. It out. Can you read this?

24:54 So we have a tremendous respect and admiration for the schools and the students. Let me just get down here. They’re banning assault style firearms. They’re raising the minimum age to purchase firearms. Twenty one. They’re gonna ban high capacity magazines and bump stocks. They’re going to require. Hold on, I got it wrong. This is what they’re asking. They’re asking you for. Gun reform is to ban all assault rifles, raise minimum wage, minimum age to 21 ban on high capacity magazines on bump stocks. Require universal background checks that include relevant mental health information in previous interactions with the law. Ensure a complete universal database to those band from buying firearms. Close the private sale and gun show loopholes that waves unnecessary the necessity of background checks. What they’re gonna do is they’re going to no longer sell the assault style rifles, also referred to as sporting rifles. They said they had removed them from Dick’s. Now they’re going to remove them from Phil. Then streams, they will no longer sell firearms to anyone under 21. They will no longer sell high capacity magazines and they will never have and never will sell bump stocks. I don’t. I don’t. I don’t. I personally don’t know if any of that. It sounds bad at all.

26:10 You know, somebody shouldn’t be 21.

26:15 You know, I guess if it’s for hunting than 18, it gets sticky, but I know the universal background check that should be a positive. That should be. That should be it. Ensure complete universal database for those band. Yeah, there should be a database. You’d think with all the security and the ability that people have, the government has that there should be a universal database for those band. Close the private sale of a gun. Now it’s also important to know that this man bought a shotgun. Nicolas Cruz bought a shotgun from Dick’s, and so that’s why they say, you know what, we, we feel responsible. Could’ve been our gun and this kid was an 18, was 18. He bought this. He didn’t, he had, he had 29 interference with the law. So, you know what, thank you. DEX. I, I, I, I think overall, and I just saw this this morning, but I think overall some of these things, some of these things, hey, are assault rifle. Uh, I think [inaudible], I think it could be used a different. The verbiage could be different I think personally, but uh, I think some of these things are good. What are your thoughts? I like reading the comments. Police and military can be 18 years old and fight for us.

27:28 Yeah.

27:31 I like seeing these comments. Even like A.

27:35 Maybe people don’t know the air does. I can’t read the rest of that comment anyway. I have fun. It’s live. I think dicks is doing a good thing. I think they’re doing a good thing. I think that the universal background check is, is something that absolutely should be implemented and if people have run ins with the law, like this kid had 29 run ins with the law, he should not be allowed to go buy a gun. I mean it just, it’s, it’s a start at. It shouldn’t be possible for him to do that. That should be an easy no brainer. So then we’ve got the question of how many businesses, what are you, what’s your take on businesses that do not want to let a. They do not want to let you come into their, their operation, their business. Even if you have a concealed weapon permit. What about that?

28:20 Because that’s happening. So there’s an article on my page, a lot of stores, whole lot of stores that say even if you have your concealed weapons permit, they don’t want you to bring your gun into their store. Well, what the heck do you get a concealed weapons permit for? Do you think that criminals, we’re gonna listen to your rules. Do you think the criminals looking at the movie theater where the shooting happened? It was a no guns on Benzos. I think that needs to go away. The only thing that I know guns on does is tell criminals, hey, there’s nobody else here with a gun. So they have the upper hand. No, Ben Jones needs to go away. Joe Biden introduced that in 1990 and it’s been a debacle ever since. That absolutely needs to close. So, um, that’s all I got for you guys today. I really appreciate you watching. Thank you so much. Tomorrow’s Thursday. Let’s see what happens tomorrow. Check out my page, David Harris Click on some of those links. Share some of those articles. Share real news and True News, and I’m going to keep on bringing your true knows nonsense news. God bless you guys.

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As if all of this is not bad enough, there is the constant stonewalling from the Department of Justice (DOJ) when it comes to congressional oversight. The DOJ refuses to release documents crucial to oversight. The DOJ has also been caught lying on a number of occasions, including the timing of the Obama White House’s spying operation against Trump.

I have found a copy of the unredacted letter from Rod Rosentein giving Mueller the authority to investigate Russian interference:

By election time this groundswell could become a mountain too high for Democrats to climb.

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