Hello Facebook Family David Harris here and I’m excited to be sitting next to a good friend of mine Gary haven. Gary is the founder of the world’s largest and fastest growing franchise in American history curse. You probably heard about curves. He’s the founder of that and he’s got his hands a lot other things as well. But I absolutely love what he has to share about the current state of our country right now that is important information for every single one of us as Americans. He’s actually going to be on the Alex Jones show tomorrow at 12 o’clock Central 12:00 Central sharing this information live on. Alex Jones so many of you to go there and watch him speak and share on that as possible. Gary thank you so much for being with me tonight. And thank you for sharing sharing with us a little bit about what you going to be talking to all the audience probably at least a million people tomorrow and Alex Jones what do you mean talking about though David.Thanks for having me. You get a chance to talk to your dear guest. A lot of you may also know me from my movie Yeadon. And interestingly enough it was a movie about America’s greatest threats and that is they had ENP device that is detonated over this country particularly by North Korea.

And if you were paying attention is right now North Korea is everywhere and people are preparing and are concerned and it should be. But it’s not a concern from the ICBM that they lob off of the Korean Peninsula over to the U.S.. We know for a fact that there’s two satellites that crossover our country twice a day each at the optimum altitude to detonate a nuclear device. And this is called an EMT or an electromagnetic pulse. The Congress has done two studies and determined that that if this happens that the grid will go on will be no power. There’ll be no Internet no banking no food or fuel deliveries. And that in fact 90 percent of the American population would die within 12 months. And so my movie will warn the American public about this and tried to call our politicians to action to harden the grid to prepare for this.

But we’re at a moment right now where our president who I’m a big fan of unfortunately is being drawn into a trap. If he were to do some some response to North Korea right now he seems to be either unaware that the the door in this trap is an MP and if he acts provocatively towards accrete North Korea which is what he’s doing right now they could very well detonate that device. And our president would get the brunt blame for the demise of our country now really let me quick really quick Gary.

How do you know this information about these satellites that are going over the United States and that North Korea has access to them. How do you know that information.

Well it is common knowledge that North Korea has launched two satellites and put them in a direct or trajectory over our country which by the way 300 kilometers above the surface which is the optimum ENP altitude. So very very common knowledge of the Congress knows about it. They studied it. They studied the ramifications the risks involved with it up. What we don’t know for sure is whether or not it has a nuclear device. But we do know that that North Korea has miniaturized nuclear weapons. We also know that they were testing low detonation devices that were made fun of those low detonation devices that we were monitoring by the way wouldn’t do a lot of damage. Well that’s what any of us. It’s a loaded notion of how the crew creates massive amounts of gamma rays which then affects the electronics. The transformers are paralyzed for example.

So it’s very clear to those people that are paying attention that they were working not on an ICBM device nearly as much as a war what’s called a super you know. And we know that Russia gave them the plans for that Russia’s admitted that. And a lot of knowledgeable people have been just screaming at the Congress to do something to protect this country and it’s being ignored. And you know when you understand who really runs this country you know you’ve been hearing a lot about the deep state war. They’re talking about you know and if you look at the way Congress votes like the Russian vote the other day were they extended the sanctions and it was five hundred thirty five that Russia was should be punished for colluding in our elections and we all know that that’s a nonstarter will be asked.

But the Congress voted the way they were told by their truly yours you know which is that you may end up in the end ultimately. You know there’s a level people the Illuminists. That is what I call it. So if they really want America to diminish because we’re standing in the way of global government and you know we could. We’re only 5 percent of the world’s population here in this country but we consume 25 percent of the resources. Of the world. So getting us out of the way so that they can further their plans of having a pure Christian the anti-Christ is what I believe this about. And Trump unfortunately is walking into a trap by raising his rhetoric and potentially reacting to North Korea. But say only a limited tactical nuclear weapons on his launch sites. Well that’s all he needs to detonate any energy over this country which is our greatest risk. My movie talked about it. I’m talking about it and hopefully are listening. What’s your movie again. Ameri get in and they can get it.

What can they get your movie oh and some video on the Vietnam. No money to pay TV channels. I think it’s still available at Wal-Mart and. I mean you certainly Google it and find that it’s available in a lot of different places.

So the United States as a people we as a people are standing in the way of the elite not just in a red state but the elite that actually do want the ultimate demise and destruction of our country. Trump is also standing in the way of that and that’s why they want to take him out.

Yeah. Now that that trumped up was it was a blessing for us. A reprieve. Unfortunately I think it may be a very temporary reprieve. We need to support him and encourage him because he has now surrounded himself by deep state lawyers who who you know want America to be in wars and to be an empire which is not a good idea for a country that’s broke. Thanks but even the deep state people are not as concerning right now as the Illuminists that that actually want the demise of our countries concerned. They’re going to use North Korea. Remember all North Korea is a proxy of China and Russia. And nothing happens on this planet without a diminished approving. So this was all a game all staged. So it’s a full false flag that Trump may get sucked into and put our country at the greatest risk we’ve ever done.

So what we need to do as Americans as people and you may be anywhere in the world watching this I know I’ve got followers all over the world. We need to pray like never before for the strategies of the enemy to be exposed. We need to pray for the support and the safety of our president and his and his administration. But we also need to pray that he sees this or he sees a Gary on Alex tomorrow to hear what the simple solution is to this threat this ENP threat shared with the simple solution is. Well what I would advise Trump to do is shoot the satellites down tomorrow knowing there will be no trump card that they can play and trap him.

Into the Mosler country. And after all that’s actually more appropriate response than nuking him in some form. North Korea right now which puts Seoul at great risk and I’ve been to Seoul with many many cars in Seoul. They’re vulnerable to this. So if he shoots down these two satellites then they don’t have the trumpet or the trap door to try to keep him in and no one’s hurt. So a couple satellites are not out of the sky. And Dr. Peter price by the way who’s a leading expert on this I’ve talked to. I asked him one day. He led the two congressional committees Vettel I said Is there a nuclear device on the satellites and he hesitated for a moment and he said we need to shoot them down. He wanted to shoot him down. Wow. That was his answer.

So North Korea has two satellites that cross the United States twice a day each each cross twice a day. They could be could be not carrying something nuclear. But either of them has the potential to ignite an MP which could be absolutely catastrophic for our country. So we need from hopefully share this share the heck out of this. We need Trump to shoot those North Korean satellites down. They have no reason over our country anyway. And that would be Trump playing the trump card. Yeah he’d be playing the trump card. He’d be taken away the leverage that North Korea has against us the American people. This is probably the most important video that I’ve ever shot will record it. I hope you share it. Let’s hope it get a million shares and tomorrow make sure you watch Gary haven on the Alex Jones show at 12:00 Central Standard Time.

Gary thank you so so much for everything you’ve done to research all this information to be able to be used by God to deliver this information to us. And Alex Jones and the American people I really hope and pray and believe that Trump is going to see this in the right actions are going to be taken next. So thank you very very much for joining me. God bless you guys. Please share the mess out of this. And once again it was an honor and privilege privilege to be sitting with Gary Haven check out as his movie Merrigan Americk get in.

Yeah we don’t want one of those in this country. And we do not want to marry again. So but check out his movie support is his film and we’ll be talking again soon by.




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