Music to my ears, and probably yours too! Enough is enough and POTUS is on target to clean house to make all the leaking come to an end. Just what we all need so the Trump agenda can move forward.

Independent Journal Review gives us the details.

President Donald Trump is prepared to fire several people in the administration due to past leaks to the media, according to one source within the administration and another source very familiar with the matter who both spoke with IJR.

While neither source could pinpoint a time frame for when the decision would be made due to Trump ultimately being the deciding factor, they were both confident that a cleansing was coming.

“There is a lot of chatter that people are going to get axed,” the source familiar with the matter said.

And POTUS is setting the stage, by signing executive orders making it easier to fire federal employees.

Trump took aim at the leakers on Twitter, calling them “traitors and cowards” just after the report on Sadler was released.

“We will find out who they are!” he added.

With all the things happening all over the world, the Korean Summit, the advancement of “The Wall,” hostage releases, and so much more…, this is a step I wish would’ve happened a long time ago. Now if we could just get rid of Robert Mueller….



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