Hollywood movies are rarely entertaining any more. They exist just to try to convince people that Perverted is Normal, and that’s why so many studios are in trouble today. But, if they would instead put out some films like this one taken inside a gas station, they would have people glued to their seats to see what happens next. It begins after a couple enters the gas station and tries to make a purchase with a stolen credit card. Soon, a policeman arrives, and the man tries to escape by running around the store. Then, as a policeman gets him seemingly cornered, the man looks for a weapon to use against the cop. He finally spots something he can use – a small bag of sunflower seeds.

He looks and sees that neither the officer nor his taser seems to be very worried by the sunflower seeds, so he tosses the bag onto the floor. A second later he joins them. When the officer comes over to check for weapons, the man jumps up, startling the officer, and the man once again tries to make his escape. But instead of running to the front of the store, Braniac decides it would be better to get trapped in the back room. He runs back out, and the cop nails him. The girlfriend, seeing that the officer is tied up with the male, decides to beat a hasty retreat, and she too runs into the back room rather than out the front door.

From The Conservative Tribune

Before we find out if the officer successfully subdues him, the video again cuts to a back room view as Brittany seems to find the perfect place to hide. She begins to climb up towards the camera before locating her escape route above a fridge.

Brittany’s final destination remains to be seen as we move back over to the officer at the front door and learn that he did in fact capture Richard and works to pin him to the floor in front of the cash register.

Suddenly, however, a ceiling tile crumbling from above foreshadows the seconds-later descent of… Brittany! The tiles give way as she flies out from the ceiling, slamming into an aisle stocked with greeting cards and firewood below.

Remarkably unfazed after that rather unsafe landing on the tile floor, she pauses for only a moment to look at Richard, perhaps catching a glimpse of her betrayal in his eyes, before running towards the back room again.


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