Veterans for Child Rescue and the organization’s covert VIPR TEAM 12  set up a sting to catch pedophiles who believe they are picking up a 13 year old for sex. Unfortunately for them, but good news for the law, the men who showed up were arrested on various cheges that can land them some serious time in the stste pen. The veterans are working in coordination with the Parowan Police Department, Iron County Sheriff’s Department, Garfield County Sheriff’s Department, Beaver County Sheriff’s department, County Prosecutors and the Department of Homeland Security.

Lead by Veteran U.S. Navy SEAL DEVGRU Sniper Craig “Sawman” Sawyer, the group were responsible for the arrest of seven pedophiles. They would go online looking for pedophiles trying to get a hook up with an underage girl. They engage them and when the perps set up a meeting, at which time they are given the bad news.

From Vets 4 Child Rescue

Among the pedophiles arrested were Jason Livermore a married U.S. Army Recruiter with two children; Carlos Valenzuela Nunez an Undocumented Alien, and Floyd Jennings a school bus driver and grandfather.  Felony charges ranged from conspiracy to commit child rape, rape of a child, aggravated kidnapping, to dealing harmful materials to minors.

These type of operations require substantial coordination and meticulous planning to ensure effective prosecution.  With an historic 100% conviction rate the producers behind these stings send a clear message that even in small communities this type of criminal behavior will not go unchallenged.  In conjunction with this operation, VIPR TEAM 10 also conducted multiple parallel anti-trafficking investigations in CA and NV increasing the organization’s capacity to conduct regional scale operations. These actions resulted in the arrest and the following felony charges against Eugene Alvarado:

  • 2 Felony counts of rape of a child
  • 2 Felony counts of aggravated kidnapping
  • 2 Felony counts of dealing harmful material to minors

Veterans are always heroes but these vets never stopped being heroes even after they retire from the service.



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