While the Eric Greitens story may not have been at the top of the headlines, across the country, they have been no where else but, here in Missouri. The sex scandal was more than salacious and it was played out in the open, in lurid detail in the show-me state. But it’s the whisperings of the dark money, financial mis-dealings that probably did the governor in.

Here’s a pretty good synopsis of the events in NBC News.

Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens, once a rising star in the Republican Party, said Tuesday he is resigning after facing impeachment by state’s GOP legislature following a sexual misconduct scandal and a felony charge involving possible campaign finance violations.

The 44-year-old first-term governor, who has maintained his innocence as state lawmakers moved forward with impeachment proceedings, was charged with a felony invasion-of-privacy charge in February for taking a nude photograph of a woman without her consent, but earlier this month the trial was abruptly halted when the state withdrew the charge. 

Prosecutors accused Greitens of obtaining the donor list without permission from the Mission Continues, a St. Louis-based charity that he founded, for use in his campaign. Prosecutors said Greitens directed an employee of the charity to take a list of donors despite the fact that personal use of the list was prohibited by the charity.

The Associated Press reported shortly after Greitens’ announcement that St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner said her office has reached a “fair and just resolution” on criminal charges against Greitens now that he’s stepping down. The details won’t be released until Wednesday, she said.

The establishment Republican party was rabid in their pursuit of Greitens. They didn’t like him; he was an outsider from the start. In fact, he was such an outsider, he was a registered Democrat until 2015, one year before he ran for the governor’s office, as a Republican. But my speculation is that all those legislative investigations found something pretty bad to finally push him into resigning. And, my guess is that we will find out very soon.


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