You may remember a book OJ Simpson put out called “If I Did It.” It was supposedly a hypothetical story of how he might have killed Ron Goldstein and Nichole Simpson, his ex-wife. The video of his interview has now been released and when you watch it and listen carefully, it is very detailed and highly probable. The only part that causes suspicion is a of a man named Charlie. One thing that I think is especially creepy is how he laughs as he describes the killings. Not a single sign of remorse.

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On Sunday, viewers far and wide were captivated by O.J. Simpson once again as Fox aired a “lost” 2006 interview in which he described a hypothetical account of his involvement in the murder of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend, Ron Goldman.

As previously reported, Fox never aired Simpson’s interview with Judith Regan in 2006, and said it was lost until now. In the 2-hour special “O.J. Simpson: The Lost Confession?” he revealed staggering details that he called a “hypothetical” scenario previously detailed in his book “If I Did It.”

The chilling confession caused a lot buzz on social media Sunday night, with the hashtag “#DidOJConfess” trending on Twitter throughout the broadcast. Many viewers went into the first part of the interview with their minds already made up with regards to Simpson’s guilt.

The airing of the allegedly lost tape of the 2006 interview between OJ and Judith Reagan fascinated people or disgusted them. Either way everyone had an opinion they wanted to share.

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“OJ is trippin’. He definitely did it,” one user wrote.

“He absolutely did it,” another said.

Meanwhile, others were convinced of his guilt from the get-go.

“OJ Simpson was innocent… the gloves didn’t fit,” someone said.

“Can they let this man Live please!” a frustrated user said.

Given the nature of the confession, as well as interludes with a panel of experts convinced of Simpson’s guilt, many Twitter users’ outrage built as he recounted incidents of domestic abuse prior to the murder.

“Listening to OJ recount past events and shifting blame to Nicole for him beating her on New Year’s is typical OJ, deflect, disassociate and blame others,” someone said.

“Hey y’all turn on your TV so you can hear OJ Simpson try to justify domestic abuse,” someone else noted.

“This OJ Simpson interview has me actually ready to chug windex out of rage,” a more hyperbolic user shared.

However, it was when Simpson started to discuss the hypothetical series of events in which he was responsible for the murders, most users found his language on the matter too puzzling to be just a fictitious account.

“How can you talk and laugh so nonchalantly about your ex wife’s murder,” a viewer tweeted.

Did you watch it? What do you think?

For those of you who did not see it, here it is:




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