Los Angeles firefighters are battling a blaze in the Los Angeles area overlooking LA and Beverly Hills including several multi million dollar estates belonging to celebrities. Fortunately the temperature is mild as is the wind, making their task much easier but still hazardous. More than 250 firemen and women have been assigned the task of getting the fire under control. The fire currently covers an area of just 32 acres but could spread quickly depending on the conditions. Residents of the street closest to the fire have been asked to evacuate the area.

From Breitbart News

Helicopters repeatedly dropped water on the flames as teams of firefighters on the ground set up a perimeter around the houses.

Firefighters aided by light winds and moderate temperatures quickly made progress against the 32-acre blaze and no homes were immediately lost, said Los Angeles Fire Department spokeswoman Margaret Stewart.

One of the evacuees, Bonnie Vogel, said she was tipped to the fire by the sounds of helicopters buzzing her neighborhood Tuesday afternoon.

“I thought either they’re looking for a murderer or there’s a fire in the canyon,” she said.

Soon a neighbor from a home closest to the flames came to her door to tell her firefighters were asking people to leave.

Several fire departments from the area have joined in the battle in an effort to get the blaze under control and helicopters are dropping water in the flames as they make drop after drop. It is hoped that no homes will be damaged. So far their luck is holding up.


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