Watch: Mario Lopez Baptized at Jordan River, ‘I Have Decided to Follow Jesus’

Actor Mario Lopez was quite the heartthrob on early 90’s sitcom, “Saved by the Bell.” He is still quite handsome, but that’s not why he is making headlines this week.

Lopez is no stranger to telling the world about his faith, and last week he shared a video of himself being baptized in the Jordan River.

In a world full of negativity, this is exactly the type of stuff we love to see! People talking about Jesus and spreading the gospel!

Lopez went on a trip to tour the holy sites of Israel and documented his trip on social media.

“This is where Jesus walked on water,” Lopez said in one video near the Sea of Galilee, “and the River Jordan runs into the sea, and that’s where, of course, Jesus got baptized, which I’m gonna be doing!”

In a video prior to his baptism he said,  “We are at the Jordan River where John the Baptist baptized Jesus Christ. I’m about to get baptized.”

“It’s a beautiful day. There’s a really cool Catholic priest that’s gonna do me the honors. And there’s a sermon going on right now. So I’m going to join these fine folks and then, bam! It’s on!” he added.

When it came down to being baptized, he was surrounded by a priest on both sides. “Do you believe in Jesus Christ?” they asked, and Lopez responded, “Yes, I do.”

They also asked, “Do you intend to serve him all your life?” and of course Lopez answered, “Yes, I do.”

“That was awesome, that was so cool and I was so fortunate to meet these very nice people from Romania,” he said after his baptism, “They sang the song for me and everything. That was moving. That was cool.”

Here is the clip:


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