Pelosi Shook, Rocked With Massive Blowback For Her Attempt to Hold America Hostage – Her Plan Has Been Crushed: Speaker Announces Acquiescence to Senate

Boom!!! Another plan to undermine President Trump and his America First agenda has blown up in Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s face.

(Politico) Congressional negotiators signaled Tuesday they are likely hours away from clinching a bipartisan agreement on a nearly $2 trillion emergency stimulus package — capping five days of frenetic talks over a response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin are expected to announce an agreement later Tuesday, under immense pressure from President Donald Trump, a dire economic outlook and the growing number of Americans losing their livelihoods amid the crisis.

The Senate’s lead negotiators — Mnuchin, Schumer, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and White House legislative affairs director Eric Ueland — have spent most of Tuesday huddling behind closed doors as they finalized policy details and legislative text. If those last-minute talks are successful, lawmakers say they could vote within hours.

Lawrence David| Opinion| It became obvious that Pelosi suffered massive blowback overnight when she suddenly retreated from yesterday’s effort to turn the emergency funding bill, to rescue suffering Americans and save their employers from bankruptcy into a far-left wish list to advance her party’s radical agenda, and announced she would accept the Senate bill in the House.

It’s clear that as people began pouring through the details on her 1,400 page proposal there was a harsh backlash from hurting Americans who don’t give a damn about her ideological wish to turn the United States into a petri dish of liberal experimentation.

They have families to feed and expenses to be met.

As her party members began hearing from irate constituents Pelosi was forced to admit that she had overplayed her hand.

That and a new poll from Gallup that showed President Trump’s approval rating for his handling of the coronavirus has climbed to 60 percent.  That represents a 5% increase over the previous poll prior to the worst of the effects of the Wuhan virus in the U.S.

It also includes 60% approval among independents who will play an important role in the November elections where Democrats hope to be competitive.

Score one for the good guys.


  1. Glad to see that the wicked witch of the West is about to cave. I am a CALIF Repubican sick of this one party state. I hope that these un-american politicians from this state get voted out for over-playing their hand. They include Pelosi, Shiff, Waters, Harris, Feinstein and others. It is time to rise up and kick their asses out.

  2. I am in IL originally from NY. Trapped in a Democrat state unemployed and hoping for something to happen. Pelosi is trying to destroy us to pass her agendas and she needs to be fired. She’s been too long in office getting fat on bribes, extortions and our tax dollars.

  3. Nasty Nancy Pelosi The Witch from California needs to be Quartered and forced to stay in California during this Virus Out Break. She is no Good and is hurting the Good people of The United States. She is making an attempt to stop all elections, so she and the democrats can remain in power. The Good news is America knows what she is up too. and just watch the house turn Red on election day……. Turn the House RED and sent Pelosi packing.


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