University Of Denver Harasses Conservative Groups Forcing Them To Disband

If you’re like me, and put everything you have into making sure your kids have/had the college experience, this will be very disappointing for you. And if you’ve laid the ground work with your kids, to bring them up in a common sense conservative home, look out! It turns out “the college experience” isn’t what it used to be. And for those of you who are paying tuition to University of Denver, well, your hair is about to ignite.

The College Fix reports on campus bullies, and I’m not talking students.

Members of two conservative groups at the University of Denver say their organizations are likely disbanding after investigations by the university and pervasive harassment by fellow students have made the campus a “toxic environment” for their groups.

The school’s chapter of Young Americans for Freedom debated closing at the end of last year, with its members fearful that they would be unable to land jobs after being investigated for “hate speech” and labeled racists and white supremacists in, among other places, the school newspaper. The group remains on campus, but with severely reduced numbers.

The Federalist Society there, meanwhile, has dwindled to a single student, and is set to shut down at the end of the year when the last remaining member graduates. Pervasive bullying and concerns about being called racist induced many of its members to depart this year.


This year, the Denver chapter of the Federalist Society has seen its numbers shrink, from four members to one, as a result of pervasive bullying from fellow students and the overall “toxic climate for conservatives.”

Accused of Hate Speech…

In the fall of 2016, a student wrote several lyrics from the song Guilty of Being White on the campus “free speech wall.” This prompted a series of reactions from the school, including the introduction of a set of restrictions on use of the wall.

… Young Americans for Freedom came out in support of Stith’s right to speak on the wall, and for this, they too were investigated.

Once colleges and universities were places of open debate and exploration. Not any more.


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