The Glenn Beck Empire Takes Its Final Swirl Down The Drain

The once 90-million-dollar Glenn Beck Blaze empire is looking at its last days. Beck is trying to sell his big house in Dallas, and the staff at the Blaze is dwindling by the day. It all started when Beck went ballistic against Trump during the 2016 campaign. And it has only gotten worse from there.

Newsmax reported:

This week’s round of layoffs leaves less than 50 employees with the company, according to unnamed sources. And, a proposed sale to the owners of Ben Shapiro’s website The Daily Wire appears to have fallen through.

… The employees still working for The Blaze have seen basic requests unanswered and projects taking an extended period of time to complete. According to an inside source, a website redesign due for completion months ago is still underway.

Beck acknowledged on his show he was looking to sell his house in Dallas, and it is reported he is also looking to sell some of his expensive possessions. Speculation is that he may close his Dallas operation and move to a smaller office the company maintains in Los Angeles.

… Beck’s radio company has also put its private jet on the market, with one source saying the reason was that the plane couldn’t travel long distances without refueling.

Another source also explained Beck was selling items from his office he had acquired over the years, including statues and costumes.

Beck made a huge mistake when he denounced Trump, and it cost him dearly. Now if the liberal mainstream media would go the way of The Blaze, we would all be better off.


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