New York Selling “Truth” (Tee Shirts) For $300 Apiece

In New York, you can buy “truth” for the piddly little sum of $300, and you can wear it on your back. In addition to that, you are funding the New York Times in their efforts to fight “Fake News.”

Are you laughing yet? reports:

The front of the $300 shirt, available for purchase at Saks Fifth Avenue, reads, “Truth. It’s more important now than ever.” And if that weren’t explicit enough, the back of the shirt reprints some text from a 2017 ad for the Times:

The truth is hard. The truth is hidden. The truth must be pursued. The truth is hard to hear. The truth is rarely simple. The truth is rarely obvious. The truth doesn’t take sides. The truth is not red or blue. The truth is necessary. The truth can’t be glossed over. The truth has no agenda. The truth is hard to accept. The truth pulls no punches. The truth is worth defending. The truth requires taking a stand. The truth is more important now than ever.

If $300 seems like a paltry sum for a shirt with such a weighty message, fear not! A hoodie with the same text is also available for a neat $420.

Since liberals have so much money to blow on expensive tee shirts, maybe they can contribute to the national debt, or fund all these illegals that are streaming across the border.


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