Leftist Feminism At Work: Toxic Masculinity Aims To Align Maleness With Abuse

It must be in the water, or something because there is an influx of media, coming from different directions, to knock the knees out from under one half of the population. There is a full scale attack on “Y” chromosome.

PJ Media published a piece outlining the latest assault on men and boys. And its a doozy.

A new study published in the Journal of Child and Adolescent Counseling warns that boys as young as 14-years-old suffer psychological problems from “hegemonic masculinity” and its derivative, “toxic masculinity.”

And like other aspects of society that have been perverted through liberal manipulation, they lobby the professional aspects of cultural normalization, like the psychiatric profession, to change standards and norms to fit their narratives. In this case they want to make any signs of “maleness” a precursor to abusive behavior.

“Counselors working with adolescent boys need to take into consideration these social influences, their impact on the counseling relationship, and the unique ways adolescent boys perform masculinity,” writes Marasco.

Hegemonic masculinity, as Marasco explains in his article, is a term that refers to the “oppressive characteristics of masculinity boys and men must assume and perform to be considered a ‘real man.’” These characteristics include “dominance over women,” “being heterosexual,” “exerting control and toughness,” among others.

Though not all boys may evidence these characteristics, all boys are subject to socialization under these norms, Marasco tells PJ Media in an interview, which is why they are important to address from an early age.

“These traits are important to address in all children, and is especially so as we are beginning to recognize a broader range of acceptable gendered behaviors and identities,” Marasco told PJ Media.

We recently published stories on the Boy Scouts and Ontario issuing gender neutral birth certificates. It’s impossible to believe that men aren’t under fire from the left. We’re just connecting the dots.


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