Jerry Seinfeld Schools Liberal David Letterman On Trump Jokes [VIDEO]

David Letterman, former late night comedian/talk show host, is well known for his extreme left leaning political opinions. On his new show, “My Next Guest Needs No Introduction” Jerry Seinfeld gives Letterman a tactful smack down on why Trump jokes are not a “”thing” that anyone really wants to hear anymore, as if they ever did.

Newsbusters has the event.

Seinfeld shut down this topic by humorously changing the subject: “No, it doesn’t interest me. I do a lot of raisin stuff.” He joked: 

I just think that it’s interesting that after 80 years, Sun-Maid finally went, ‘Hey, why don’t we put some chocolate on it?’ Imagine not thinking of that for 80 years. So that really gets me excited, that people pay me to talk about those kinds of things.

Letterman is an ardent liberal. Earlier in the clip, he praised Michelle Wolf’s angry White House Correspondents Dinner performance: “I really had great admiration for the fact that she was able to just walk into that room and decimate the place.” 

It’s refreshing that there are still comedians, out there who can actually entertain without a full array of political blasting, or “blue” humor. Seinfeld is a talent who has a class act.



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