High School Lesbian Couple Turned Cry Babies Because They Didn’t Win Prom King/Queen

Seriously? Here’s a news flash for you, lesbian couple! Either your high school, and maybe even your parents, failed to prepare you to deal with disappointment, and to teach you, you’re not “entitled” to a trophy every time you step up to the plate, or … your fellow classmates just aren’t that impressed with your life choices. Either way, suck it up. No one wants to see you cry over losing out on prom honors.

Independent Journal Review has the sad story of this Texas lesbian couple.

A lesbian couple in Texas are claiming they were discriminated against because they — two female students — failed to secure enough votes to be crowned queen and king of their high school prom.

Shenta Knox and Sam Washburn ran for prom queen and king, respectively, at Morton Ranch High School in Katy, according to KPRC-TV, but ultimately didn’t win the coveted titles despite the support they believed they had from their fellow classmates.

“I was feeling confident, but then the votes came out and I thought, ‘Well dang, maybe we didn’t have that much support,’” Washburn said.

… Despite being assured the detention played no role in the prom issue, the Katy Independent School District told the students Friday there are three criteria to qualify for the queen and king titles: The students need to win the greatest number of votes, maintain good grades, and have no disciplinary issues on their record.

It’s so sad that the leftist indoctrination of homosexuality failed to teach everyone wearing the sexual identity on their sleeves, that your sexuality does not define who you are and your contributions to this world, this lifetime. And if it does, you’ve been severely misinformed.

Get a grip! And ask yourself this question: What do I have to contribute to this world? I’m guessing there’s more to you than your homosexuality.


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