Hell Has Officially Frozen Over! ACLU Says California Gun Control Has Gone Too Far

What!? Did someone at the ACLU forget to take their meds? At best, they forgot to be oppositional, today, when they made this statement, because the liberal hot bed for hating the second amendment is getting pushback from a stalwart leftist supporter. The planets are definitely out of alignment on the left coast.

While California lawmakers work feverishly to chip away at gun ownership rights, the ACLU is telling them they are going too far in their actions. Yeah, I know. You’re asking someone to pinch you, because you must be dreaming.

The Blaze:

California, and a handful of other states, have laws that allow family members, roommates, and law enforcement to request a restraining order to remove firearms from an individual who has shown signs of dangerous behavior.

On Monday, according to KOVR-TV, California lawmakers voted in favor of a billexpanding that power to employers, co-workers and school personnel.

ACLU, Republicans join in opposition

But the American Civil Liberties Union, rarely a conservative ally, says the bill goes too far, and joined some California Republicans in expressing concern over the measure.

The ACLU said in a statement that measures restricting those with mental health issues from buying or owning a gun “are too often not evidence-based, reinforce negative stereotypes, and raise significant equal protection, due process, and privacy issues.”

“It is not hard to imagine a scenario in which someone might harbor a bias of an irrational fear of a coworker based on that coworker belonging to some minority group that the person dislikes or distrusts,” ACLU advocate Lizzie Bunchen wrote, according to KCRA-TV. “The person subjected to the restraining order is not informed of the court proceeding and therefore has no opportunity to contest the allegations.”

Whaddaya know? Some days it is worth getting out of bed to carry on the good fight. Keep doing everything you can to spread the conservative narrative. It’s obviously working. SHARE this post, and help to push back against liberal, anti second amendment agendas.


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