Gender Identity Gone Berserk! Ontario Issues Non-Binary Birth Certificates

Where do you even start with this one? It used to be considered a mental illness to claim gender dysphoria. However, the pros who write the DSM 5 have swayed with public opinion to change professional stance on the issue, and now has come up with its own special list of psycho-babble to make this confused minority population feel like they fit in.

Huffington Post gives us the politically correct run down on the acquiescence.

The latest edition of the mental health manual used by psychiatrists to diagnose disorders reveals a change in thinking on gender identity. The perspective change is similar to a decision made in 1973, when the American Psychiatric Association eliminated homosexuality from its disorders’ list.

In the new edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5), released on May 22, the now-defunct diagnosis of gender identity disorder (GID) receives a new name, gender dysphoria, which reflects a new emphasis.

Both GID and gender dysphoria describe a condition in which someone is intensely uncomfortable with their biological gender and strongly identifies with, and wants to be, the opposite gender. Some of these people may live as their desired gender, and may even seek gender reassignment surgery that can allow them to trade, for example, a penis for a clitoris and a scrotum for a vagina. [5 Surprising Facts About Gay Conversion Therapy]

Ok, so, fast forward to modern day Ontario, where the socialist sheep have bowed to the twisted narrative.

CTV News outlines the, now haven, for anyone who wants to abandon their birth gender. From now on you can assign yourself an “X” in the gender field of your birth certificate, and the folks there think this move will save lives of the trans community.

“Ontario’s new policy will save lives in the trans community,” Ferguson wrote in a statement on Monday. “A birth certificate is the most vital form of ID for personhood. Being officially counted and recognized is empowering.”

Ontario says it is the first jurisdiction in the world to implement a two-fold policy, allowing the selection of either male, female or non-binary, and allowing the option of not displaying such identification on a birth certificate.

This is a major face palm moment, folks. I sure hope their socialized medicine program can afford all those sex reassignment surgeries sure to come down the pike with this new revelation.


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