Everybody’s Talking About Roseanne’s Latest Show On Islamophobia [VIDEO]

She did it again. Rosanne managed to hit the nail, square on the head on her latest show addressing Islamophobia. She has a talent for bringing the most politically incorrect topics to the forefront and saying what everyone else is really thinking about it.

Let’s see. … Who else do we know, admire for doing that same thing. Oh, yes, Donald Trump. It’s kind of refreshing to see a new culture of public common sense beating back political correctness.

Daily Mail did a good job of putting the latest Roseanne show info all together.

On Tuesday night’s episode, a Muslim family moves in next door to the Conner family, and Roseanne soon begins to surveil her new neighbors and voice her fears to her sister Jackie.

‘What if this is a sleeper cell full of terrorists getting ready to blow up our neighborhood?’ asks Roseanne. 

‘Any time something bad happens, it’s always somebody who lives next door to somebody.’

… The show has not shied away from controversial topics, with Roseanne depicted as a pro-Trump grandmother with a gender fluid grandson and a black granddaughter.

The show is also set to explore the idea of Dan, played by John Goodman, possibly losing his job to an illegal immigrant and in a episode the actors and writers seem most proud of, the opioid crisis.

‘People think this show is more political than it is. It’s more about how a family deals with a disagreement like that,’ said Sara Gilbert, who will reprise her role as youngest daughter Darlene and serve as executive producer, told the Hollywood Reporter earlier this year.

Roseanne airs on Tuesdays at 8:00 p.m./7:00 p.m. Central Standard Time.


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