Buy Cheesecake! Cheesecake Factory Fires Employees Who Threatened MAGA Hat Wearing Customers

Don’t buy cheesecake because it’s just really, really, good! The Cheesecake Factory just demonstrated they don’t discriminate or tolerate discrimination of anyone in their restaurants, especially those who wear MAGA hats. Two numbskulls, formerly under their employ, learned that lesson the hard way. Now they are looking for work, probably at a less Trump friendly environment.

Business Insider has the details of the events leading to their dismissal.

Cheesecake Factory workers have been ousted from the chain after an incident in which a customer says he was harassed by roughly a dozen employees for wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat.

Conservative news website The Daily Wire reports that a 22-year-old named Eugenior Joseph was targeted by Cheesecake Factory employees for wearing a MAGA hat. According to The Daily Wire, roughly a dozen workers at a Miami, Florida location approached Joseph, who was dining with his girlfriend’s family, and began making comments about the hat.

The woman noticed a gang of employees making comments and threatening gestures toward her as she

The Daily Wire reported that employees also yelled at and booed Joseph when he walked to the bathroom. The incident was so upsetting, one witness said, that an “elderly woman who was present had to take medication to calm herself down.”

The incident sparked backlash on social media.

And social media exploded with comments like this. It would have been unwise for Cheesecake Factory to ignore them.

Here’s how Cheesecake Factory responded:

Good for them! That’s cause for a celebration. Go out and eat cheesecake! Lots and lots of cheesecake!


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