Trevor Loudon is an expert on the radical left, revolutionary third world movements and their influence upon unsuspecting political systems in peaceful countries. He has some advice for a country he loves, the United States of America.

“Americans are in danger, and they need to educate themselves about these movements,” Loudon told me at CPAC last week.

From his most recent column in the Epoch Times, Opinion: A New Zealander’s 9 ‘Starter Steps’ to Save America From Socialism, Loudon lays it out for us.

“Though I’m a New Zealander, I know America and its people well. I’ve traveled to every state in the Lower 48 and have addressed more than 500 audiences across this amazing nation. My message has always been the same: The United States is heading toward a brutally tyrannical socialist revolution—and if America goes down, every free country follows,” Loudon wrote.

“Well, now it’s here, people, unfolding before our very eyes. So, what can be done? Can the Republic be saved? Honestly, I don’t know. However, I can suggest some steps that would at least give this country a fighting chance,” he wrote.

1. Face Reality  2. Stop All Violent Rhetoric  3. Restore Election Integrity in All Red States  4. Close the Republican Primaries Immediately  5. Organize a Compact of Free States  6. Republic Review  7. Form a Multi-State ‘America First’ Popular Alliance  8. Boycott/Buycott Bigtime  9. Remove Malign Foreign Influence at State Level

“These steps alone will not save America—but I believe they would be a huge step in the right direction. I will be following up with further suggestions and plans. But for now, I’d love to see your comments, suggestions, and criticisms in the comments section,” Loudon wrote.

For an extended discussion about these steps in detail by Loudon, please visit the Epoch Times.

Consider his body of work as well. According to his Bio:

Trevor Loudon is an author, filmmaker, and public speaker from New Zealand. For more than 30 years, he has researched radical left, Marxist, and terrorist movements and their covert influence on mainstream politics. He is best known for his book “Enemies Within: Communists, Socialists and Progressives in the U.S. Congress” and his similarly-themed documentary film “Enemies Within.” His recently published book is “White House Reds: Communists, Socialists & Security Risks Running for U.S. President, 2020.”

Further reading on Loudin’s recent comments:


Loudon recently spoke with Epoch Times, Crossroads with Joshua Philipp: on Democrats’ Socialist Policies; How Equality Act ‘Attacks’ First Amendment:

“The policies of the Democrats are completely socialist like the equality act that will strip people’s religious rights away, and the green new deal could be written by Stalin, easily, the guns rights and attack on free speech are socialist.  We are in a revolution right now. The attacks on religion are completely socialist because they attack people’s beliefs and end religious liberty in America.  People have the right to live guided by their conscience, but that will be over. people will face fines by the DOJ, for example, if this thing goes through.  When you say you can not discriminate against gender, that has been made very broad. and your belief is that there are only two genders, then it would be illegal. It will be a muzzling of the Communist agenda.  People just don’t understand the seriousness of this bill. If they did, people would be marching in the streets,” Loudon said about the Equality Act.




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  • I would honestly like to say that I see a peaceful path forward. At this point I do not. I wish Mr. Loudon’s solution all the hope and positive accolades there are, but from what the Democrat/Communist have done to this country, I do believe there is only one solution that will restore the Republic to what use to be America.

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