By now, everyone has heard that President Donald J. Trump will make an appearance at CPAC next weekend in Orland, Florida. The announcement of his attendance sold out CPAC, and now tickets are gone. That makes it even more curious as to why former Vice President Mike Pence declined an offer to attend.

“Former Vice President Mike Pence has declined an invitation to attend this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference, Fox News has learned.

Pence was invited to speak at the annual event but turned it down, according to a source familiar with the event planning,” according to a report by Fox News.

News reports were circulated that members of Pence’s team had said that Pence harbored some “bitterness” toward Trump after the Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol building and that he was pouting that new of “danger” at the Capitol on that day was not more concerning to Trump and his supporters.

In unity, the Democrats and establishment Republicans who despise Trump’s America First agenda exploited Pence’s hurt feelings to attack Trump and Americans.

Pence had been reported to be panicking and very upset by people in the US Capitol that day, believing that his life was in danger and that Trump should have come to his rescue, but failed to show the anticipated amount of worry and attention that Pence had wanted.

“Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace reported earlier this month that according to Pence’s aides, Trump’s failure to call off the mob and ensure the safety of his loyal second-in-command represented the “ultimate betrayal.”

Pence, continuing to pout, has sent his staff out to make public media appearances in an attempt to discredit Trump, but that does not seem to be working on the American people, who still adore Trump and don’t really care about Pence at all.

Even if Pence had agreed to attend CPAC, it is unlikely that they would have sold any tickets at all.  Almost Immediately upon the announcement of Trump’s appearance, in contrast, CPAC ran out of tickets.

Peter Navaro, a member of the Trump administration, spoke about the Pence drama on Steve Bannon’s podcast on Saturday, and CNN’s Jake Tapper was outraged at the slight to Pence:

The left is continuing with the narrative fantasy that Trump “almost got Pence killed,” and Pence has done nothing at all to correct that lie, choosing to brood and pout instead.

Navarro exposed Pence’s ties to a group of Never Trumpers who were supporters of open borders policies, the Koch Brothers. According to Navarro, Pence’s own chief of staff, Marc Short, was a part of the anti-MAGA movement.

Navarro posted about the events of an. 6th and placed the blame for the chaos and result on Pence, who, Navarro, refused to demand access to count votes.

“We all know what SHOULD have happened – we would have forced the votes in those six states to be examined and counted under the Constitution. Marc Short was the guy who prevented that,” Navarro wrote.

Rumor had been circulating from early in Trump’s first administration that Pence had betrayed both Trump and General Mike Flynn and set about a series of actions that would be devastating to America, and seemed to have been started of jealousy and a personal agenda to climb over Trump’s head and be the POTUS.

Pence will not be missed from the MAGA movement.  The Party and the Movement belong to Donald J. Trump.


Kari Donovan

Kari is an ex-Community Organizer who writes about Voter Engagement, Cultural Marxism and Campaigns. She has been a grassroots volunteer with the GOP, on and off for 18 years. She is a Homeschool Mom in North Carolina and loves Photojournalism and Citizen Journalism.

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  • Whether Mike Pence agrees with or further supports Donald Trump doesn’t matter anymore.
    Attacking each other over our differences will only weaken our ability to get someone in office, that is if voting integrity is restored.
    I have been disgusted by the media, and the politicians in Washington, Republicans and Democrats. They are playing a whole different game then we think is going on, they are part of the global elites who own and run our country.
    I guess I am saying how are we going to get anyone into office who isn’t profiting from the global takeover?
    Somehow everyday people need to come together, focus on the most important aspects and work together.

  • Frankly, I’d forgotten all about Pence. He always seemed too slick to me & I wasn’t at all surprised that he betrayed us on Jan. 6. CPAC had the good manners to invite him; he looks like a petulant child for turning it down. His career is over.

  • This is such a charade….according to people who were with Pence on the 6th, he was refusing to leave, wanting to get the business done. Nothing like “panicking” or “fearing for his life”. What kind of propaganda is this?….oh, right, Chris Wallace…..that explains it. Also, Pence and Trump have spoken a number of times since the 6th, and Pence was making visits as VP right up until the 20th. A month from now so much written now will have been shown to be false speculation.

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