Louisville law enforcement and the government is preparing it’s police force and the population and is bracing for what they believe will be a domestic uprising after an announcement is made in the case of Breonna Taylor, who died at the hands of police after a “no-knock” warrant was issued for her residence on alleged drug charges.

One eyewitness wrote online,”The Police chief just issued a state of emergency for the Louisville Metro Police Department. They’re about to announce the court’s decision on the cops who murdered Breonna Taylor. The courthouse is boarded up and barriers are being added downtown”

Police are canceling vacations and a “state of emergency’ has been issued in advance of the announcement of the fate of the police officers involved Taylor’s death.

According to the NY Daily News, “At least two federal buildings in Louisville are closed for the week as city officials anticipate a potential announcement on whether the three cops involved in Breonna Taylor’s shooting death will be charged.

The Gene Snyder U.S. Courthouse and Custom House, which handles federal cases for the Western District of Kentucky, was boarded up and will remain closed to the public until at least Friday, according to a court order that does not specify the reason for the closure. The local field office for the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services will be closed during the same period.”

Tensions are already very between the protest community and the police, and business owners and residents who are very worried about the historic violence from the left, looking for excuses to cause problems for the larger community.

In this video is a young man talking to the police about the barricades being erected around the city, in preparation of the announcement.

Last week the family of Taylor was paid 12 Million dollars, but at the press conference collect their money,  the lawyer for the family, Benjamin Crump and friends and family of Taylor agitated people with talk of protests and anger, inflaming an already violent movement, demanding arrests, threatening violence and altering authorities to take measures to prepare for more violence and mayhem in the possibility that the police officers may be found not guilty.

“I’m hearing news that they have preemptively declared a state of emergency in Louisville and officers are canceling vacations in anticipation of the Breonna Taylor case announcement. I still am hoping there will be justice for Breonna, but this isn’t looking good…Many buildings have been closed to the public in Louisville with barricades around the city as well without any reason given,”Isabella Scarlet, a Louisville resident said.

Added to the concerns for law and order in Louisville are the domestic uprisings at Republican Mitch Mcconnell’s residence, where left protestors and agitators are threatening McConnell over the replacement of far-left radical Ruth Bader Ginsburg who died Friday, and left her Supreme Court Justice seat vacated. President Donald J. Trump has stated he will replace her with a Conservative Judge, forcing the left the deepest despair over their policy demands.



Kari Donovan

Kari is an ex-Community Organizer who writes about Voter Engagement, Cultural Marxism and Campaigns. She has been a grassroots volunteer with the GOP, on and off for 18 years. She is a Homeschool Mom in North Carolina and loves Photojournalism and Citizen Journalism.

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