Supreme Court Justice John Robers is a controversial judge, appointed by George Bush and at the time considered a conservative scholar, who has spent more than a decade delivering a deep betrayal to the American people as one of the more radical left justices on the Supreme Court, and one high profile person who is close to the President is boldly and publically calling Roberts to task with evidence that will damage Roberts.

“Answers to 2 simple questions below will tell We The People ALL we need to know about Chief Justice John Roberts. We, The People, are entitled to answers. You work for us, Justice Roberts. Answer these questions. They will not go away. You cannot fly TRUTH away on Epstein jet,” Wood said.

Woods also claims to have proof of a damaging phone call between Roberts and another justice that proves Roberts should step down.

“The People have list of questions for C.J. Roberts based on bizarre votes on major cases starting with Obamacare. But let’s ask him just two: 1. Are you the John Roberts on Epstein flight logs? 2. Did you say about @realDonaldTrump “the mother f#*ker would never be re-elected.” Wood said.

“Excellent thread to read & consider. A judge must be impartial. Chief Justice has proven by his documented profane comments about @realDonaldTrump that he is biased. At a minimum, barring further embarrassing disclosures, Roberts should recuse himself Trump election cases,” he said.

Attorney Lin Wood has taken up an approach of fiery blows in defense of President Donald J. Trump, against the Supreme Court’s actions, especially of Justice John Roberts, that is unfolding hourly.

Roberts does even more than deliver painful SCOTUS decisions, according to the Brookings Institute, he is also the mastermind behind the troublesome FISA Court:

“Among his non-judicial duties, the Chief Justice of the United States selects sitting federal judges to serve on the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court in addition to their regular judicial duties. A recent New York Times article reported that ten of the cou ’s 11 current  judges, all selected by Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr., were appointed to the bench by Republican presidents, as were 86 percent of all Roberts’ designees to the court. Critics say that a FISA court dominated by Republican appointees is likely to be overly sympathetic to government requests. This controversy has awakened a broader debate about the authority that has accumulated in the office of chief justice.


“The People have a list of questions for C.J. Roberts based on bizarre votes on major cases starting with Obamacare. But let’s ask him just two: 1. Are you the John Roberts on Epstein flight logs? 2. Did you say about @realDonaldTrump “the mother f#*ker would never be re-elected.” He posted, alluding to a secret phone call.

“Chief Justice John Roberts wields great power. (1) has significant influence in selecting cases for review (2) presides over oral arguments (3) leads a discussion of cases among the justices. When a court renders an opinion, if in the majority, he chooses who writes court’s opinion.” he wrote.

Calls for Wood to release the phone call he refers to:

There is proof that Roberts could have a bias against Trump:

Wood’s pointed words comes at the same time a Supreme Court Clerk reports Roberts was overheard screaming about Trump:

CCP? Wood posted that he believes many officials are lying and taking money from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) It is unclear from his posts if he believes Roberts to be in that group.

“We The People have reached the point where we have seen & experienced enough corruption in OUR government. Enough is always enough. Our elected officials are dirty. They need to come clean. Here is some simple advice on how to clean up the mess you have made of our country. (1) Obey one of God’s Ten Commandments – tell the TRUTH.

“Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.” – Exodus 20:16 Following this simple rule would be refreshing to We The People. The truth would bring light to our present darkness. (2) If you speak TRUTH, you will find favor with We The People. Your rewards will be great. “Blessed are they that do his commandments, that they may have right to the tree of life, and may enter in through the gates into the city.” – Revelation 22:14 Beats CCP money. (3) If you continue to lie to We The People for CCP $, power, & influence, it will not end well for you. We will FIRE you. Not good. “For without are dogs, and sorcerers, and whoremongers, and murderers, and idolaters, and whosoever loveth and maketh a lie.” – Revelation 22:15,” Wood posted.


Kari Donovan

Kari is an ex-Community Organizer who writes about Voter Engagement, Cultural Marxism and Campaigns. She has been a grassroots volunteer with the GOP, on and off for 18 years. She is a Homeschool Mom in North Carolina and loves Photojournalism and Citizen Journalism.

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  • it appears roberts is bias toward dems as not so much the constitution the supreme curt should seriously deeply examine the fraud claims of this election to do otherwise is to prove your not an honest judge and u should resign now .

  • He is a justice Roberts is a despicable human being I don’t know what he swore on the Bible on the Bible under Oath defend the country ask the American people and what did he do that coward piss Ant he deceived the country trying to save his own little ass yes he needs to step down and everyone needs to vote for his step down out the door fuck off

  • There has to be a revote. Period. Every poll station should be guarded by the military. No absentee votes without identification,

    • Touché, M’s. Rita!

      My most-sincerely-held belief as well!

      In sports , if some unexpected circumstance interrupts play, and the playbook hasn’t preconceived such a situation; or if two infractions from the two opposing sides annul each other, the officiating referees may call for a re-do of that play. Let’s simply redo this election with tighter rules and and diligent supervision (from BOTH parties btw). What’s more fair, and better for the USA, than THAT?
      Bless you & yours,
      And to our neighbors across America!

  • I arrived at David Harris Jr’s website through a news aggregator’s link. Article poorly written with many sloppy mistakes. First and last visit.

  • I arrived at David Harris Jr’s website through a news aggregator’s link. Article poorly written with many sloppy mistakes. First and last visit.

  • I would like to see the Chief Justice of SCOTUS be a revolving jurist every 6 months or annually. Too much control and power to one person.

    John Roberts should resign. His track record gets murkier every day. If John Roberts was on the Lolita Express, for sure he should resign yesterday.

  • I very much like the way the Author of this piece referred to the Ten Commandments; they are not God’s Ten Suggestions
    Satan, the “father of lies” in the Scriptures is the demonic worst; his second evil sin, the one which got him thrown out of Heaven is ‘Lying’. Both of these sins of course are an abomination to our Holy Creator God and both will give you a fast track to hell!
    Do right now and enjoy Eternity with the Lord Jesus Christ in His Kingdom. Eternity is a very long time…

  • I wonder if the FBI has questioned Ghislaine Maxwell as to who the John Roberts was on the flights. Guarantee her Witsec protection and I’m sure she’ll sing like a bird. Half of the swamp would go down with him.

  • Justice Robert, Ignore these Republican bullies. It is NOT for them to tell you to retire. The Republican party under our bully president have made us ALL aware of their lust after power and greed instead of the Constitution and the rights of all Americans who have the prime right to vote for their president. Not only is there definate proof that he and Putin tried in both elections to win for Trump, but now the govt has found that it is RUSSIA who invaded our computer systems. That was easy to find once its discovery was found. So, of course, Trump will say nothing about their espionage or the contract killing of our soldiers by Putin. So, far Trump has been following Putin’s Russian playbook on how to break down govts. His coup will fail in the face of our love for liberty and the Constitution. He speaks patriotism out of one side of his mouth and actions against the laws of the Constitution and a Putin style coup out of the other side of his mouth. We would have even more Republican votes now after Trump’s corrupt actions of cheating and trying to pretend that Democrats lost. His absolute corrupt actions against our voting system has turned even more Republicans against him. He needs to move to Russia with his communist buds or find his own little island to fulfill his desire to be a dictator like his longtime admiration of Hitler.

  • IF that is Roberts in the photo with Bill Clinton on Epstein’s Island, it would have been 20 years ago, give or take. Studying his features – nose, chin, hairline – it absolutely could be John Roberts.

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