The US Senate had a hearing on Tuesday to investigate the details surrounding the breakdown in security around the US Capitol on Jan 6th. The mythology of the Democrat-Media-RINO allies about what happened on that day is meant to be a narrative to destroy President Donald J. Trump and his supporters in what appears to be a massive power grab.

Co-Chair of the Senate Rules Committee who held the hearing failed 2020 Presidential candidate and fevered Trump hater, Amy Klobaucher used her platform to discredit any questioning of the company line about what happened on the 6th, insisting that Americans have no right to question the obvious hoaky storyline by the sloppy Democrat civil servants.

Democrats using the optics they may have created for political theater rushed through a judgment of Trump’s behavior that day and impeached him for a second time, without spending a moment to investigate the numerous detailed and public accounts that dispelled their narrative.

The original mythology lies were carried from the US House to the US Senate by the House impeachment managers. The US public was bombarded by the anti-Trump mythology again.


And again, on Tuesday, US Senators prostituted themselves to carry the water of the Democrat-Media-RINO alliance and gaslight Americans into believing something happened on Jan. 6th at the US Capitol that did not happen.

An expert with first-hand, professional experience on that day has informed the US Congress of his findings and they do not match the political drive to persecute Trump and his supporters, so our civil servants are ignoring his testimony.

I covered Steven Sund, the former Police Chief of the Capitol Police Department, who denied Pelosi’s claims about January 6th and placed the blame for the massive miscommunication between herself and law enforcement on Government Intel Agencies.

Another one of the left’s Big Lies is that Trump prevented the National Guard and other law enforcement.  We know that it is not true that, in fact, Trump made offers that were rejected by the radical far-left Democrat Mayor of DC, Muriel Bowers, who has an obsessive hatred of Trump and his supporters.

We know that Trump offered the National Gaurd, but that does not stop the Democrats from continuing on with their Kabuki Theater.  They simply do not care at all that we know that they are lying.

OAN reporter Jack Posebic was live-tweeting during the hearing and reported,

“Portman asking why the National Guard assistance request prior to Jan 6 was denied Trump requested 10k troops, but SecDef Miller balked.”

I had written numerous times, following the actions of Secretary of Defense of Chirs Miller. attempting to make sense of what he was doing.  As with most stories, the American people have been completely cut out of the loop, and we are in an information desert.  It is still unclear why Miller refused the National Gaurd and then set up the National Gaurd when he did. The Senate hearing did nothing to set anything straight about that.


“All witnesses agree the attack on the Capitol was pre-planned,” Posebiec reported. “None of the Senators have asked about the Boogaloo anarchist groups that claimed they stormed the Capitol, per Reuters. Sund explaining he requested National Guard again and again prior to Jan 6, but it was not granted. Sund confirms the denials were due to the Capitol Police Board and delays due to the DOD. Both were concerned with “optics” after Democrats attacked Natl Grd deployment in Summer 2020. Rick Scott: Why is the National Guard still here in DC? Witnesses cannot provide any intel of current threats to the Capitol.”

The Left is determined they understand the nature of the attack and who was behind it, without a moment of investigation, based on seeing people wear hats. Still, Republican Senator Ron Johnson presented evidence from a report that the nature of the people who caused the violence may have been misrepresented.

Our Government overlords are outright lying and refusing to investigate facts instead of demanding that we adopt their mythological utopia.

We know for a fact that part of the mythology of the left about the Capitol is outright lies meant to damage the support for Trump.  There is no way the left can walk back to what they promoted about the very unfortunate death of Officer Sidnick and how they exploited an officer’s death for their own means.

They say that Washington DC is Hollywood for “ugly” people… so are we just watching their show?


Kari Donovan

Kari is an ex-Community Organizer who writes about Voter Engagement, Cultural Marxism and Campaigns. She has been a grassroots volunteer with the GOP, on and off for 18 years. She is a Homeschool Mom in North Carolina and loves Photojournalism and Citizen Journalism.

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