Bob Woodson, a Civil Rights leader, appeared on Fox News to talk about the state of the country, where it appears much of what was achieved in 1964 with the hard-fought Republican battles for integration, have been destroyed and even reversed, in a shocking push for racism in American institutions.

“Casually throwing around false accusations of racism harms the fabric of our nation & keeps us divided.  The Civil Rights movement was about treating everyone equally & fairly. That’s not happening on many college campuses across America,” Woodson posted on his Twitter account.

According to the Fox News article, Ex-civil rights leader blasts Smith College for ‘perverting’ MLK legacy after meritless racism charge, reported:

Civil Rights leader Bob Woodson slammed Smith College on “The Story”  Tuesday after White service workers were forced to undergo anti-racism training despite an investigation into a bias claim turning up no evidence.

In 2018, student Oumou Kanoute, who is Black, was approached by a janitor and a police officer while eating in a closed dorm lounge and asked what she was doing there.

At the time, the local ACLU characterized the encounter as Kanoute being questioned for the crime of “eating while Black.” Kanoute accused the pair of campus employees of racially profiling her and posted pictures on social media accusing them of being racist. The janitor she named wasn’t working that day.

Yahoo news reported:

More than 40 African American intellectuals are asking Smith College to end the “forced, accusatory ‘anti-bias’ training” that was mandated for campus service workers after a student falsely accused some workers of racially-profiling her.

The letter, obtained by National Review, was sent on Monday to Smith College president Kathleen McCartney by Bob Woodson, a veteran of the Civil Rights Movement and founder of “1776 Unites,” and 44 fellow black intellectuals. The signatories ask McCartney to “rethink how you have handled” the fallout over an alleged incident of racial profiling in the summer of 2018, and urge her to “publicly apologize” and “compensate” the school’s service workers that were caught up in the firestorm.

Fox Reported:

Woodson, founder of the pro-American organization 1776 Unites — meant as a counter to the New York Times’ 1619 Project, said that the controversy sullies the intention of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s message

“We didn’t march so Americans of any race could be presumed guilty and punished for false accusations, while the elite institution that employed them cowered. We didn’t march so privileged Blacks could abuse working class Whites based on lived experience,” Woodson and other Civil Rights leaders wrote in a letter to Smith College President Kathleen McCartney.

Woodson told “The Story” that King once described racism as malevolent not because “it is visited upon Blacks by Whites — it’s bad because it’s evil.”


The School responded that nothing bad happened, it was just people being uncomfortable.  Bringing people into an “uncomfortable space” and letting them stew in discomfort is a late part of Critical Race Theory.

Woodson didn’t back down, and told Fox News, “the school is punishing people based on the actions of others.  We, who are veterans of the Civil Rights movement, are against the perversion of the Civil Rights movement, we want an apology from the school President and we want the workers to be compensated. The fear is tearing the fabric of this community apart. The school says that they are dealing with unconscious bias, and that isn’t right,” Woodson said.


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