The most contentious presidential election in history had one of the most contentious finishes.

This morning, former Vice President Joe Biden was declared president-elect by news stations across the country after winning Pennsylvania, pushing his electoral college over the necessary 270. However, numerous accounts of voter fraud in Pennsylvania, Michigan and other states leave the integrity of this election in doubt.

Naturally, media “fact checkers” have dismissed all voter fraud claims as false. However, one thing we have learned about the media in the past fours years is that they relentlessly attack Trump and his supporters while constantly pandering to the left and their agenda. Because of the media’s blatant dismissal of voter fraud claims, I believe they are at least somewhat credible.

I certainly hope they are not. I hope that Democrats did not put their thumb on the scale and push Biden through to victory, I hope that Biden – if he did in fact win – won fairly and that the votes he received we earned. If that is the case, I can at least trust that voting is still a legitimate way to elect leaders and that Americans still decide who resides in the White House.

But if these claims are true and Democrats forced their hand in an election to to put one of their own in the Oval Office, then I no longer live in a free nation.

Third world countries have governments that silence the voice of the people so that their own agendas win. Third world countries tip the scales of justice to win elections. While I am not ignorant of the corruption within the American government, I would hope it has not reached these levels.

The United States was founded upon the principle that the people would decide who would rule us and who we would entrust to maintain and defend our liberties. We were not dedicated to the notion that the people, as well as the influence of politicians in elections masked as the “will of the people,” would establish our next leader.

Trump has called for court cases and lawsuits against the governments of these states to determine the integrity of the election. I am uncertain of the results and have no idea what to expect.

But I do know that this is a battle worth fighting. We have to know if the results of the election was the collective voice of the American people or the byproduct of malicious scheming from the Left. If it is the later, we can not trust the voting process, and much of what has made America unique and beautiful will be lost.

But we must try. Our job is not to win an election, but to stand for Liberty at any cost.

John Simmons

John Simmons

John lives in North Hampton, NH and has four wonderful younger siblings. He is the web manager for The Liberty Champion and has a passion for politics and faith. He is also a Middle-Earth nerd and a lover of all things fall.

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  • Where were you when diebold and electronic voting was bought by bush and his corrupt cronies. Not to mention the hanging chads before that. We knew this was going to a completely crazy election with rampant COVID, and you can thank your inept leader for that fact. Get over it. Such as you expected democrats to do in ‘2004.

    • Yes, but they never got over it…….they have spent the last four years whining and crying and sabotaging everythingMr Trump did. But thry also made use of the time to make sure they won this time, by hook or by crook, and they did…..but i would think rather by ” crook “…..dont trust them one iota.

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