President Biden stated that part of his plan to combat COVID-19 while the vaccine is distributed to Americans is to wear masks for the next 100 days, regardless of where you may be.

Biden claimed that wearing a mask is “a patriotic act,” and that 50,000 lives could be saved by following this protocol. He said if Americans get together, “we will defeat this pandemic.”

Two things trouble me about Biden’s words.

First, he makes the pandemic appear to be an enemy in a war that we need to face with diligence.

While every American should do their part to be considerate of others, we should treat it like Iran, China, or Russia and rely on the government to defeat it.

As has been the case since March, the government has seized an opportunity to gain more control over our lives by making us afraid through statements like Biden’s.

The virus is not something we have ultimate control over. It will spread despite our best efforts, and we cannot shut the country down and hamper the lives of millions of people to “stop the spread.” Masks will not, in the long run, accomplish much.

Second, his staunch support of abortion makes me doubt whether he values life at all.

Make no mistake, abortion is the greatest evil our country has committed in its history. He wants to repeal many of Trump’s pro-life policies in his term in office and allow thousands more babies to be killed. That likely reality is something that fills me with grief.

While many might think that Biden is taking a stance to protect Americans, he is not doing his duty to protect everyone’s constitutional right to life. The fact that he is failing to protect the unborn makes it more appalling.

Biden will likely continue to take this stance on abortion through the first four years of his presidency.

His hypocrisy is something that Americans must realize will define his time in office, but we must continue to fight for the protection of the unborn and not let that hypocrisy stop us.

John Simmons

John Simmons

John lives in North Hampton, NH and has four wonderful younger siblings. He is the web manager for The Liberty Champion and has a passion for politics and faith. He is also a Middle-Earth nerd and a lover of all things fall.

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  • How in all honesty to his faith, and to the public who now looks to him for fairness and justice, can Biden accept the Eucharist? I can understand a priest not wanting to give him the Eucharist, but the weight is truly on President Biden’s shoulders as to whether he accepts it or not, and as a good, practicing Catholic he should not since he supports abortions for any and all women! Worst of all, other Catholics, of which I am one (converted from Presbyterian years ago), should not be put in the position of having our tax dollars spent on paying for the abortions of indigent women whose unborn babies’ lives are precious, fully human, and alive from the moment of conception according to our faith. And the late term abortions approved by the Democrats are utterly inexcusable. Whether it is written in religious doctrines or not, there really is no faith on this earth that approves of the taking of the life of an unborn child, they would all rather see that the woman and man use restraint in respecting the act that leads to conception.

  • He lost and deceived our god reigns what Satan means for evil God will turn for good and His glory. Just as God parted the Red Sea, raised Lazarus from the grave after 3 days and healed the woman with her blood a tissue so will the son of man heal our land and restore our unity.

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