INTERVIEW: Charlie Kirk and David discuss racial tensions in America.

[00:01:08] David Harris Jr.: [00:01:08] Ladies and gentlemen, family and friends from around the country and literally around the world.
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[00:01:30] Charlie, such a pleasure to have you on today with me and my brother.
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[00:01:48] David Harris Jr.: [00:01:48] Yes. And it’s David J. Harris jr. Already cast platform. You got to have the J in there. I started out that way and I can’t change it. So David J. Harris jr. Is how you’re find me. So [00:02:00] Charlie, our country is literally in chaos right now. We’ve got black lives matter protesters that are marching all over the country.
[00:02:09] I just parked. I just went to one that was literally less than a mile from my house. I wanted to see if it was going to stay peaceful. It did, but I was, uh, I was not surprised to find out and, and to, to see after it ended, uh, somebody that looked like Antifa that literally led the charge in another direction, started taking the crowd in an opposite direction of traffic.
[00:02:30] Um, and I wasn’t sure what was going to happen. He let us all down, uh, commercial properties. And at one point somebody said, let’s go to the freeway and we’re talking about Dallas. Uh, tollway in Dallas, uh, just North of Dallas. It would have been absolutely catastrophic. It could have been definitely dangerous, but it’s so disturbing what we are all witnessing take place in our country right now.
[00:02:54] And I so appreciate you, my brother. I so appreciate your voice. You shared a message, a video yesterday, [00:03:00] breaking down some of the truths and facts, uh, about not only black lives, but black lives matter. And what’s taking place in our country. Uh, w give us your overview, if you will, just specifically on what is taking place, uh, how is the world trying to be pulled over our eyes?
[00:03:14] And then what can we do about it?
[00:03:16] Christopher Kirk: [00:03:16] Yeah. I mean, look, two things can independently be true. Number one, that the death of George Floyd was a horrendous act and that you should, and anyone who doesn’t say that is not being honest, the facts, by the way, David, as a correlated, I haven’t found one person who hasn’t said that if you can find that person for me, please find that person because.
[00:03:36] The media said, we’re divided over this. I don’t think we’re divided over it. I think we’re divided over the fact that Democrats are supporting the arson of American cities. The second thing can also independently be true when you notice, once you say the first thing, which is, this is a statistical anonymous and Natalie, this is not.
[00:03:54] This is not something that happens with great deals of occurrence, despite what the media tells you. In fact, if you actually [00:04:00] look at the police trends and you look at police brutality and you look at the studies that have been done and people say, well, you can’t count the studies. I mean, at some point you’re going to have to accept some form of data.
[00:04:09] I mean, you can’t just have nothing, but my truth and first-person testimony. What bothers me the most David, is that I care deeply about black America. And I’ve tried to. In many different ways impact the conservative movement positively by elevating black voices throughout the last couple of years. And I have seen amazing people like yourself grow and flourish on digital media, which has been one of the greatest things for myself to see.
[00:04:35] And I know based on conversations with yourself and Candace Owens and Terrence Williams and all these amazing Patriots that if the police withdraw from these communities, which will happen as a result of this misinformation and propaganda machine of the media, then more black people are going to die.
[00:04:52] And so people are accusing me of the worst possible things you can imagine. But my motives are actually, I [00:05:00] want. Black communities to be safe. I want law and order in our urban community. So that’s, that’s my motivation behind doing these videos that have been incredibly viral, but I never would have thought they would be David because I was just talking about pretty widely accepted statistics and facts.
[00:05:16] And so I’m really upset because more black people are going to die. In fact, thousands of more black people are going to die by other black people, not by police officers, by the way, by Hispanic gang violence. And by urban city, urban area type, you know, death because of the protests that are happening.
[00:05:33] Cause police officer in a safe, we’re not welcome here. We’re not going to go to a place where we’re going to be killed. And the final thing I’ll say is this twice as many black cops have died in the last two weeks than unarmed black men by cops twice as many. This is an injustice and this is evil, but black lives matter, conveniently ignores that
[00:05:55] David Harris Jr.: [00:05:55] it is injust.
[00:05:56] It’s evil. It really, I really personally believe as a [00:06:00] Christian. I know you are as well. I personally believe that this is a spiritual battle that we’re in. It is it is good against evil. And what’s so sad to see. I posted earlier on Instagram. Uh, there’s been, I believe, six black individuals that have lost their lives, uh, just during these riots.
[00:06:18] Uh, where’s black lives matter at where, where are the protest against the rioters? You know what I’d love to see are those people that are actually peacefully protesting and do want to see justice. I’d love to see them stand up against those that are actually rioting and causing the, the mayhem destruction and murder of other innocent Americans.
[00:06:36] It’s an absolute disgrace for anybody, especially the black community to try to champion. Uh, the, the murder of George Floyd by, by even standing by idly and not doing or saying anything, uh, when they see individuals that are not a part of their mission and their movement, uh, Rican, havoc, and destruction on businesses and people’s lives.
[00:06:57] I mean, it was so heartbreaking to see that [00:07:00] retired chief, uh, chief of police laying there, uh, in blood and over a television over a frickin television. It’s like, what have we really come to in this country where individuals feel like it’s okay to riot, to loot because there’s chaos going on. Where, where are the, where are the champions that are going to stand up and speak out, uh, and let that catch like wildfire throughout this country.
[00:07:25] I mean, there’s well, there’s that, but we need to say a hell of a lot more of them.
[00:07:31] Christopher Kirk: [00:07:31] Well, and, you know, Barack Obama, who’s an awful leader. He, he says, he’s going to, you know, he’s gonna address the nation. He’s gonna try to comment on this. His previous comments were this. We can’t allow this to become normal because it’s becoming normalized.
[00:07:44] It’s happening all the time. Well, no, it’s not, it’s not in fact last year in a country of 330 million people. There was not even one per month, one black person per month killed unarmed by a police officer. And even the definition of unarmed [00:08:00] David, if you go into the Washington post definition of it, you and I would say, I don’t know.
[00:08:04] I mean, they were grabbing for the police officer’s weapon. They were charging the police right now. I’m not justifying what happened. That’s not what I’m saying, but if we have nothing but emotive, pathological arguments and we dismiss all data and all statistics kind of like wheat, what we did with the lockdowns.
[00:08:21] And I want to talk about in a second, cause I think they’re actually, these are all really related with each other, but all of a sudden we’re going to make really, really bad decisions. And so it’s one thing to have a very appropriate emotive response because I did, when I saw that cop put his neck, they put the knee on the neck of George Floyd.
[00:08:38] I said, This is a disgusting person who needs to be held accountable. So I have that emotive response, but then I also, I think have the restraint to say, I’m not going to misapply that singular incident to every single law enforcement officer, again, across the country, it’s called maturity, by the way, that’s called the ability to be rational and make good public policy decisions.
[00:08:58] And so. During the [00:09:00] lockdown. I think we need to talk about this more. David is we locked up particularly in urban areas, men and women, but men in general are doing the right. And we know that men in general, the ones being arrested, we know that like 80% of the arrests are men. And so you have men that are filled up with record levels of testosterone.
[00:09:17] They can’t go to the gym, they can’t go to the church. They can’t get counseling. They can’t go to sporting events for 10 weeks and matures
[00:09:25] David Harris Jr.: [00:09:25] and you know, where they can go. The weed dispensaries were open and the alcohol, the liquor stores were open.
[00:09:31] Christopher Kirk: [00:09:31] Which causes people to be more violent, not, not everyone who does alcoholism and alcohol will be more violent, but that’s, that’s just the cliche.
[00:09:37] And that if you use alcohol, you have a predisposition to being more violent in that incident. And so you’ve combined all these things together. They created a powder keg. They created a perfect storm for something like this to happen. Now, do I think that was planned? I’m not going that far. I’m not, but I am.
[00:09:55] I think it’s really important because bad information and rush to judgment and [00:10:00] hysteria got us into the lockdown, which then contributed to the writing and the looting. And so I’m looking at some of these policy proposals and I think it’s really important to say, okay, what is your specific policy prescription to solve?
[00:10:10] What you think the problem of police brutality is black lives matter, says it on their website. David defund the police and Doris by Rashida to lead. That is their position. I think that’s an awful position. I actually really. So, and I, I mean, I, I don’t think any sort of system is immune to reform and if people are accusing me, well, Charlie, you think of the system is perfect.
[00:10:29] Well, no, first of all, I’m saying you can say sets of data without having to say you’re defending an entire system. I mean, the, the, the laziness in the sloppiness of people’s minds is incredible to me. So. I say here’s actually how it is. It’s not as bad as you think, but I’m a huge fan of body cams. I’m a huge fan of police officers being monetarily rewarded for peaceful deescalation.
[00:10:49] I’m a huge fan of more black people becoming police officers in the neighborhoods that they patrol. I mean, I’m not, I’m not against having some sort of reform conversations. What I am [00:11:00] against is where I know this is headed. Which is a broad, massive indictment of all police officers. And then more black people will die.
[00:11:07] It’s called the Fergus Ferguson effect. After Ferguson police department said, we’re done, we’re done. We’re out. We’re not welcome. You guys don’t want us here. You told us to leave. And we will. Black deaths went up in every single city where that happened, David, and that’s not good for anybody.
[00:11:23] David Harris Jr.: [00:11:23] No, it’s not.
[00:11:24] And so many people are being led like sheep. And don’t even understand what they’re, what they’re doing this whole blackout Tuesday that we just had. I was shocked, Charlie. I was shocked at some of the individuals, some of my Christian friends, some of my pastor friends that went along with it that posted a black screenshot and hashtag black lives matter.
[00:11:46] These are pastors that I respect. These are individuals that I believe have spiritual discernment that I believe it. I, and I know they’re good hearted. Well, meaning people that think that they’re helping. [00:12:00] But they’re not, they’re buying into really, they’re buying into a racist rhetoric. This one, really, this one really set me aside.
[00:12:07] It’s a black individual. I won’t say his name. He’s very connected in the music scene in, in the gospel music scene, uh, in the, in the Christian conservative music scene with Hillsong, with Bethel. Um, he’s very connected. Uh, I could tell when I met him, he knew where I stood politically. He knew I supported the president and he was a little standoffish.
[00:12:27] He made a post. Where he said, he said, I’m actually gonna read it. I won’t say his name, but I’m actually gonna read it because it is Appleby me to no end that he felt like this was something that was necessary. For us to even think is possible. He said this since the music industry started blackout Tuesday, here are some solutions we would love to see starting tomorrow.
[00:12:49] Again, this is coming from a black individual K love way, way FM and other Christian radio stations will begin to play black artists outside of their normal format. [00:13:00] If you need suggestions and he gave some. This would be great. Hillsong Bethel evaulation worship will begin to contact some amazing black writers for collaboration, for collaborations, if you need suggestions.
[00:13:11] And then he gave some, a booking and touring entities will start booking diverse music tours. Here are some suggestions and he gave some churches that are predominantly white will begin to diversify their worship team and staff. If you need guests to fill slots, inbox me. I read that Charlie and I said, so what he’s talking about is forced integration.
[00:13:33] What he’s saying is something that is, Oh, for anybody now in this Christian space, we need to force people to make room. We don’t have, we can’t have the genres that we like. You know, we, we create playlists of what we like and what we want to listen to. Does that mean that everybody that’s got a playlist that, that likes Kayla radio is now racist.
[00:13:51] It’s it’s feeding into and buying into what I believe is the hate. And the evil, that is the same exact evil that perpetrated the murder of George [00:14:00] Floyd, except now it’s coming through spiritual. So, so to speak, I think it’s religious spirits, individuals, even in the church, it baffles me.
[00:14:07] Christopher Kirk: [00:14:07] Yeah. And you and I are both part of the great project that Liberty university, the fall Kirk’s center for faith and Liberty I’m sport in my Liberty swag now.
[00:14:14] And we believe in Imago DEI that we’re all made in the image of God that actually. Race is somewhat immaterial to God. And I just had a great conversation with dr. Carson and he said it so well. He said, when I’m operating on an individual for brain surgery, I can’t tell what race they are. I just see a brain.
[00:14:30] It’s like, that’s what matters is your brain is your character is your soul is your spirit. That’s the Christian ethic. And so the hyper racialization of the churches in the last couple of days has been unbelievable to me, David. In fact, I’m not going to say any names similar to you. And it’s just not worth it, but there were certain pastors that were liking my posts.
[00:14:47] I didn’t ask them to like my stuff, by the way, they liked my stuff. And then their congregation finds out. And then they are forced to say awful things about me saying onstage saying, Oh no, no, no, no. I actually don’t like him very [00:15:00] much. And I’ve watched these people and they’re throwing me under the bus, but does it bother me?
[00:15:04] I mean, it doesn’t bother me to the extent that I’m going to let it derail my day. But I’m like, where is your courage man? Like, I’m a Christian too. You know, my heart, we host the black leadership summit at turning point USA. You, you, you you’re pandering to, this is unbelievable. And so, and then also what you were describing your David and I wasn’t fully aware that I saw the post, but it sounds like affirmative action for music, right?
[00:15:26] I mean, what has made, what has made, and this is a really important conversation is why black comedians and why black artists have traditionally been better is because they felt they had to fight the system. And they were amazingly creative and actually white people were the biggest consumers of black music and black comedy, even more so than the black community was.
[00:15:46] And that’s a compliment. So there wasn’t any affirmative action nonsense that made Kanye West, the number one rapper on the planet, there was an affirmative action that made Chris rock the most listened to special on Netflix. It was because they were funny. It was a pure meritocracy. Right. And I mean, [00:16:00] you can say this better than I can, but I think it’s awfully self-defeating to advocate for that.
[00:16:03] Isn’t it?
[00:16:04] David Harris Jr.: [00:16:04] Absolutely. I absolutely believe that it is. And here’s the other thing that hit me. I literally, I woke up at about three 30 this morning, praying about this. Cause I saw that post last night and it’s so bothered me in my spirit. That I had just, I went to bed praying. I woke up at about three 30 and I really felt like God gave me a word for it.
[00:16:22] And he said, we are in the middle of an identity crisis in our country. And the church is in the middle of an identity crisis. He said for anybody, this is where I felt. He said to me, for anybody that has an issue with the color of their skin or the color of somebody else’s skin, they don’t actually have an issue with that individual.
[00:16:39] They have an issue with God because God is the one that gave all of us. Our pigment gave us our nose, gave us our eyes and placed us where we were born, gave us the parents that we have. It’s him. That’s responsible for who we are. And when we look at another individual and we want to either shame them or feel shame for ourselves, we’re literally shaming the [00:17:00] creator of the universe.
[00:17:00] And he said to me, we all need to repent on the, on for the sins of my brothers and sisters on both sides. Right. My mom’s white, my dad’s black. I’ve got a lineage of both worlds of both individual of both, uh, both, uh, cultures and nationalities inside of me. I embody them. How, although nobody’s ever looked at me and said, there’s a white guy, I’ve dealt with racism from both sides, from the black side that were dark.
[00:17:25] Like my dad that, Oh, you’re not, you’re not as dark as me. And then from the white side, So, but it’s an identity crisis that we’re in and to see this actually coming up from the church, there’s a, there’s a sweeping wave of, I believe repentance that needs to take place in our country for God to truly cleanse us from this evil that we’ve allowed ourselves to succumb to.
[00:17:48] And then there’s things in the natural that, you know, it’s like, we’re seeing thousands of young people. In cities all over the country. How in the world [00:18:00] are there this many thousands of young people and all these randoms in all these cities simultaneously that are going along with this. And I brought it up in my podcast yesterday.
[00:18:11] The schools are complicit. The universities are complicit. They’ve been breathing out propaganda material. They’ve been ingraining it into our kids, into our students. And that’s gotta be the reason why so many young Americans hate America, hate capitalism. And that’s, that’s communism. That’s Marxism.
[00:18:30] They’re going to hate God as well.
[00:18:32] Christopher Kirk: [00:18:32] Well, David, first of all, I want to compliment you. What you just said, right? There is very touching and moving. It’s one of the best descriptions I’ve heard. And I really hope that people re listen to that, cause that was terrific. So compliments to you is really well done.
[00:18:43] And so this was a, this was many inputs into this equation where we are right now. Number one, you have a generation and mostly, and let’s just be honest with this. Most of the black people are not the ones burning down these cities. It’s not right. I mean, these, these are people I grew up with and that’s why I made that video and not all of them, but upper middle class, suburban [00:19:00] individuals.
[00:19:00] And we look at the arrest records. Most of these people are from the suburbs. It’s because they’ve had no Rite of passage. They were educated in schools that taught them to bitterly, hate our country. They went to universities, taught by professors that also simultaneously hated America. And so you saw the two individuals.
[00:19:18] I want you to imagine this, David, what would it get for you in life? I mean, you talk about your testimony. It’s amazing. But were you ever at a place where you’re going to throw a Molotov cocktail to police officer? I don’t know. I mean, that’s a pretty dark place to get to, to very dark
[00:19:31] David Harris Jr.: [00:19:31] place.
[00:19:31] Christopher Kirk: [00:19:31] Two people in New York city that were arrested.
[00:19:34] Molotov cocktails are lawyers, David. They passed the bar. Why are graduates of NYU and Princeton and Fordham? I mean, these are like, what would it, what would make you take a Molotov cocktail and throw it at a police officer? If you are a board certified lawyer on your way to making half a million dollars a year.
[00:19:54] In 10 years or less, only the radicalism that is within our schools could teach you [00:20:00] and could instruct you to do something like that. Then you couple it with the lockdowns. And then what you also see here, David, which is so important. And you know this cause you fight against it every single day. And you were outraged when George Floyd was killed.
[00:20:12] Rightfully so, and I was there with you. And again, you can have outrage independence. Of burning down your civilization. It’s it’s as if those two things must be intellectually or culturally permissible. It’s so amazing to me, but w we talk about, we now have a decades long cycle of confirmation bias. When I was in high school, it was the beginning stages.
[00:20:31] I went to a multiracial high school and it was English as a second language. Predominant high school will be blacks and Hispanics. And I’ll be honest with you. We didn’t actually even think of each other in different races. And we did, it was the most, it was like this weird post racial moment in America.
[00:20:44] I grew up in where. We actually didn’t care that much about this stuff. I know you probably grew up in that America too, right? David, where you had friends and it’s just
[00:20:53] David Harris Jr.: [00:20:53] like I did. Yeah. I felt like I did, but I grew up in a predominantly white area in Northern California. So that’s why I was saying I did [00:21:00] get, initially I get a lot of hate from the black individuals there.
[00:21:04] And then the other half of the black folks in that town where my family, so it was, it was very, uh, interesting and convincing growing up. I had a major identity problem, uh, and self-worth problem growing up. Uh, but continue
[00:21:18] Christopher Kirk: [00:21:18] well. Yeah. And what I was saying, obviously every example is different, but for mine it was.
[00:21:22] And I don’t want to necessarily speak for every single person with my high school, but it wasn’t this hyper fixation on race. Let me put it that way. And some of my best friends growing up were, were friends of my football team and basketball team that were black and that were Hispanic and they were multi-racial network.
[00:21:34] And I treasure those relationships. And so what was so amazing to me though, is now looking back at it, especially right out of high school was the social media propaganda of telling. Individuals that you have white privilege and kind of creating this drum beat for a decade long saying that the police are racist with no data to support it.
[00:21:54] Then you have one videotaped incident, but all of a sudden, literally confirms all [00:22:00] that confirmation bias you’ve been told. For the last decade you say, Oh, I knew it. I’ve been told this my whole life. Well, no, that does not support it. I mean, this is not a widespread crisis. What is a widespread crisis? Is black on black crime is black fathers not being in the home is allowing drug dealers to roam free.
[00:22:19] The, the scourge of outdoor drug dealing should be rooted out in our inner cities. And we w we have more attention towards the police officers and the ATF agents and the cocaine dealer on the side of the street. And, and I, David, I, I could be sunlight, you know, misguidance in this, but I would imagine that most black Americans actually want law and order.
[00:22:38] They don’t want this kind of anarchic.
[00:22:40] David Harris Jr.: [00:22:40] Absolutely. The whole stitch and the whole snitches get stitches. The whole. Uh, you know, black veil where if there’s crime or murder that goes on inside the inner cities of black communities. And yet they won’t tell because you know, the, the, the drug dealers, uh, the, the pimps, those individuals that are ruling inner cities, [00:23:00] we’ll find out and we’ll tell it is what has created this absolute catastrophe where over 90%.
[00:23:07] Of young black men are killed at the hands of other young black men. And there’s nothing changing black lives matter. Isn’t going into these cities and holding marches and protests. They ignore it. The mainstream media, or is it nobody wants to talk about it because it’s not fitting their, their narrative.
[00:23:23] It’s disturbing to me. And then add, add to that, that Democrats are pushing for female health as birth control as a female health option, and that’s wiped out another half of the black community in our country. It’s been a genocide against the black community in our country. And there’s only one party right now.
[00:23:42] And I believe it’s a new Republican party that we’re seeing underneath this current administration. It’s absolutely a revolutionary new Republican party. More back to its original state of being the, the fighters for freedom, the fighters for civil rights and justice, the anti-slavery party. If anything, I believe Donald Trump has [00:24:00] brought the origins of the Republican party back to where, where it wasn’t started and should be.
[00:24:05] And meanwhile, what, what are we getting from Democrats? Nothing but pandering to this divisive division and racist narrative that cops are bad that, uh, That abortion is a woman’s right to choose and that we need to abolish the police. It’s just, it’s disgusting. It’s just, it’s, it’s just disgusting to me that we’re here, but yet we’re here and yet I still still have hope and I believe that we will win.
[00:24:29] I believe that God is doing things behind the scenes right now, more than people understand, you know, he doesn’t need the mainstream media. God doesn’t need the mainstream media. He will move on the hearts and minds of individuals and he will call and tug on hearts to get people, to wake up, to share messages like this, where people take more accountability for their own spiritual walk and say, and say, God, whatever you have for my life here I am here.
[00:24:56] I am. Send me, use me. [00:25:00] And I truly believe that when individuals get to that place where they say use me God, for whatever you have for this moment in time, right now use me. You’re not worried about anybody else’s race. You’re not worried about who has more, who has less. You’re not worried about what you may be missed out on or what you maybe didn’t get.
[00:25:19] You’re not worried about that because you truly believe that you’re in God’s hands you’re in his will and he will light your path. He will elevate your steps. He will take care of you and he will use you to bring about true impact in this current generation. That’s what I hope and pray and know, and believe is taking place behind the scenes right now, while in the mainstream media always see his absolute chaos.
[00:25:41] Christopher Kirk: [00:25:41] Amen. It’s so incredibly sad. And a lot of these protestors and rioters. And I don’t want to equivalent, you know, the equivalent between protestors and rioters. They don’t believe in God. So instead they’re going around on pseudo police patrols, asking white people to kneel because [00:26:00] they are white and evil.
[00:26:03] That it’s pure evil. What weird is. What does this lead to next, David? I mean, I mean, this is really, I mean, for people that don’t know that are listening to this, there are black lives matter groups going around finding random white people that are walking on the street, asking them to kneel. Now not kneel for Jesus Christ, not kneel to God.
[00:26:23] But Neil because of past depression. And this is a bigger issue that we need to talk about your David, which is the lie of white privilege and the why behind it. And now there is wealth privilege in America. If you are wealthy or you have access to capital, of course you have privilege would be foolish to think otherwise, but inherently believe in that the color of your skin gives you these incredible institutional benefits.
[00:26:45] First of all, it’s, it’s divisive and it’s immoral. And it’s not statistically true. It just is not true. And the extrapolation of it, I mean, have we learned nothing from the 20th century? What happens when you try to indict an entire group of people based on their skin [00:27:00] color? I mean, I mean the entire 20th century should be a how to manual.
[00:27:05] Have one takeaway from the 20th central would be like, don’t do that. Don’t say white XYZ. Don’t say Jewish XYZ. Don’t say black. That’s a really bad thing to do and get as a weight. And here’s the, they say, well, Charlie. You come from people that did the worst thing? Well, first of all, they actually learned my lineage.
[00:27:25] My family fought in the civil war on the union side. My family were Republicans in the 1920s and the 1960s fighting for black liberation, my white family. So they’re wrong with that. Okay. So let’s just get that out of the way. Secondly, why am I responsible? Even if I had bad ancestors for what people before me did.
[00:27:44] Like I can’t control that. What makes the West different David and what makes the Judeo Christian ethic different is you’re going to be held responsible for what you do your salvation through Christ, not some sort of karmic debts that exist in your bloodline. That’s some sort of blood guilt. This [00:28:00] is so feudal is what it is.
[00:28:01] The feudal system where it’s Oh, you made a mistake. Your family is going to be banished to this Island for the next six generations. What is this game of Thrones? I mean, yeah, it’s, it’s so dangerous.
[00:28:13] David Harris Jr.: [00:28:13] Well, and, and, and we should all be taking notice of what’s transpired in South Africa over the last several years where the, uh, the, the genocide now, the, the, the torture, the rape, the mutilation is taking place at the hands of the blacks that were oppressed.
[00:28:31] Now that were, that were now, they’re the ones that are dishing it out to the whites for no reason whether they had anything to do with it or not. You know, maybe you can expound on that even more. I know that I’ve shared a lot of articles on it. It’s absolutely an atrocity that’s happening over there.
[00:28:46] And I know I’d seen lots of messages, emails from individuals saying, how can we, how can we get out of this situation? We need help from this situation we need to, uh, um, we need to, we need help. [00:29:00] Um, could that happen here in America? It seems like it’s already happening here in America.
[00:29:04] Christopher Kirk: [00:29:04] I hope not. I mean, South Africa is awful.
[00:29:07] What’s happening where. I mean apartheid was unspeakable and it was evil and it’s not anything anyone would defend, but because post-apartheid, there has been a movement in South Africa. To be able to repatriate or to have reparations or have redistribution of land owned by white people, right. To black people where basically they can come and take their, and in certain provinces in South Africa, it’s being allowed to happen without anyone, any police force or any government authority get in the way.
[00:29:40] Do I think that’ll happen here. Well, we have something called private property law. We get out. If they get rid of private property law here in this country, get out is that’s the foundation of Western society. That is the foundation of America, because remember in the original draft of the declaration of independence, you know, Thomas Jefferson inspired by John Locke [00:30:00] said life, Liberty, and private property.
[00:30:02] They change it to pursuit of happiness. I’m glad they did because. It could have been misconstrued as slavery and all that. However, it’s important to know they weren’t talking about slavery. They were talking about the idea of you can own your consciousness. You can own your ideas that you, as a human being should be able to keep what you earn.
[00:30:19] Like this is a pretty basic idea that all of us accept as a good value in America. No more. And so for example, this, I mean the black entertainment television founder comes out and he says, we need a $14 trillion. Reparations package if $327,000 or something to every single black descendant. I have two thoughts on this number one.
[00:30:38] How’s it going to work for you? David? You’re half black, half white pay yourself. Are you half oppressed?
[00:30:43] David Harris Jr.: [00:30:43] Right?
[00:30:45] Christopher Kirk: [00:30:45] Are you, are you going to redistribute your own checking account or you have privileged half of press somewhere in the middle. Number two? I think it’s incredible to me. If anyone supports this, then there’s no way you could oppose voter ID because if black people can get together their paperwork to prove their descendants of slaves [00:31:00] nine generations ago.
[00:31:01] You can show an ID to vote. Okay. Right. I mean, I say that half kiddingly. I just think that this whole idea that people say, well, black people can’t get an ID. Well, first of all, you’re unbelievably racist to say that absolutely reason you don’t want voter ID is cause you want the voter fraud. I know that’s a bifurcation of it, but David, can you talk about reparations?
[00:31:17] Because I want my audience to just understand from a black person’s perspective, why reparations and white guilt and all this stuff is such. Nonsense.
[00:31:25] David Harris Jr.: [00:31:25] Well, I think that it’s nonsense because for me and myself, I didn’t live underneath slavery. My parents didn’t live underneath slavery. My grandparents didn’t live underneath slavery and so on.
[00:31:35] Uh, I don’t hold anybody responsible. That’s lived in the past several generations for what my ancestors went through and, and for somebody to just be born with white skin in today’s day and age, and have this feeling of white guilt because, and most people probably don’t even know. If there are descendants from slave owners or not, but even if they were, you’re not responsible for the sins of your, your ancestors, you’re not [00:32:00] responsible for that to try to suggest and say that you should be held responsible and you should feel shame and guilt over the color of your skin is ludicrous.
[00:32:09] It’s ridiculous. And those pushing for rape for reparations. Are racists. That’s exactly what they’re doing. They’re being racist. They’re trying to hold something over you that you shouldn’t have to carry, that you shouldn’t have to bear and trying to make you feel guilty for it. It’s manipulation, it’s domination and control.
[00:32:26] And the group that I talk about in my book, why I couldn’t stay silent, that that was their Mo manipulate, dominate and control by any means necessary was the KKK, the militia arm of the Democrat party. And that’s exactly the same mindset and heartbeat behind anybody. That’s pushing for reparations, which includes black lives matter.
[00:32:45] Christopher Kirk: [00:32:45] Well, look, Democrats think they can control black people cause they used to own black people. It is a direct lineage in the Democrat party. I mean, people need to realize their history. I mean, Republicans freed the slaves Republicans. Started as [00:33:00] a party of anti-slavery and I I’ll be honest, David, I think that the Republican party lost their way a little bit, maybe post Reagan, and we got away from this sort of liberation of the disadvantage and Donald Trump has brought it back, but let’s get back to the roots.
[00:33:13] I mean, the, the, the most important people in the history of the Republican party. When it comes to black issues and you can, you can make this argument time and time again is Abraham Lincoln. Number one, of course, who made it very clear that black people have value that slaves should be freed. And I mean, you had complete and total slavery abolitionists, like the idea Stephens that were campaigning for this for decades.
[00:33:32] And Abraham Lincoln was trying to teach her in the middle and Abraham Lincoln. What was the book he read every year? Night before he went to bed, the Bible, the Bible built Western society and liberated us from the scourge of racism. Now people say, well, our country was founded on racist roots. I think that’s a lazy, sloppy interpretation where there are certain individuals that own slaves that at the time.
[00:33:54] Didn’t even view this as anything but normal that founded America. Absolutely. But the values in the [00:34:00] constitution, you know, it’s so amazing. David is that first paragraph of the constitution, despite all the changes that’s never changed. So instead of saying that we’ve had to change where we came from, we’ve now affirmed the original vision.
[00:34:12] We’ve almost metastasized where the founders originally wanted us to get to. It took blood, it took struggle. It took protest that took a lot of strife. But that vision is finally was finally fulfilled post Martin Luther King, and we were getting there. And then all of a sudden Lyndon Baines Johnson, the great society program goes forward, but you look at Eisenhower.
[00:34:30] Dwight D Eisenhower was a committed civil rights leader, Republican up against racist, Southern Democrats, Richard Nixon, exactly the same. Richard Nixon fought for the desegregation of the armed forces. Richard Nixon. Fought for voting rights when he was running for president against John Fitzgerald Kennedy in 1960, Richard Nixon was the voice of black America.
[00:34:54] People forget this, that Richard Nixon ran for president in 1960 against JFK and JFK was the one [00:35:00] pandering to Southern Democrats. Do you know how he pandered to them? By choosing Lyndon Baines Johnson as his vice president.
[00:35:05] David Harris Jr.: [00:35:05] Wow. That’s right. You chose, he chose
[00:35:08] Christopher Kirk: [00:35:08] LBJ as the Southern bitter racist Democrat.
[00:35:10] The governor of Texas. He said I’m really struggling as a Catholic from the Northeast to communicate racist values to the South. Can you help me? And LBJ said, don’t worry. My boy, I got this for you. And he caravan around the South, the Southern part of United States on Confederate imagery on KKK pattern.
[00:35:26] Pandering on talking about segregation, segregation now segregation tomorrow, segregation forever. These are words that were uttered by Lyndon Baines Johnson. Now people say, well, LBJ signed the civil rights bill. Not because he wanted to, because there was such unbelievable pressure, but you know what he did, he did a bait and switch Lyndon Baines Johnson.
[00:35:41] One of the most sinister awful presidents in American history saw the pressure coming. He saw the fact that the Martin Luther King was gaining the tracks. He said, I’m not going to stop this. Then I’m doing a bait and switch on blacks. He said, all of a sudden, your civil rights bill. If I get an anti-poverty program, And as he did that, he said, I’ll CA I’ll compromise.
[00:35:58] I’ll sign it so that black [00:36:00] people can vote, but I’m going to have them voting Democrat for a lifetime. Cause I’m an addict them to government benefits. I’m going to break up their family and I’m going to control them through narratives that are not true. No to history. It’s so important.
[00:36:11] David Harris Jr.: [00:36:11] It’s so important.
[00:36:12] The other thing that LBJ did was make it, so that the blacks that would, that had some of the jobs. In the cities couldn’t actually live there. They had to go back across the bridge, live outside of the city. Uh, but Oh, we’re gonna let you work here. So that whole, that whole switch, the thing that really bothers me as well, that so many, unfortunately, there’s a lot of smart people that are really ignorant.
[00:36:31] It’s really baffles me. There’s a real, there’s a lot of intelligent people that believe that somehow the party for civil rights, the party against Jim Crow. The party for equality, the Republican party that was established as the anti-slavery party. There’s smart people out there that are ignorant and think that somehow all of the sudden, all of those individuals fighting for civil rights and fighting for the rights of black [00:37:00] Americans.
[00:37:01] Became racist while at the same time, at the same time, the party of segregation, the party of Jim Crow, the party that founded the KKK, the party that voted against civil rights for black Americans, all of a sudden. Became the party for civil rights and for black Americans, it’s like how in the world have so many people bought into that absolute fabricated lie that doesn’t even make any sense?
[00:37:25] Well,
[00:37:26] Christopher Kirk: [00:37:26] and the reason this happened, David is Republicans fell asleep at the wheel. Admittedly for a couple of years. And we enjoyed our landslide elections given to us by Ronald Reagan in 80 and 84 and wheat, we did not do a good job of communicating to black America and black America was failing under antipoverty programs.
[00:37:44] And I’m saying this as a conservative. So look, I believe white privilege is a racist lie. However, I do believe that blacks have been exploited by the Democrat party. And unfortunately, David, a lot of the black exploitation has happened by a lot of other black Democrats, like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, a Barack [00:38:00] Obama and Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch and Lori Lightfoot and Maxine waters.
[00:38:04] I mean, so it hasn’t always been white people that have been putting these policy forward of black America in the modern era. Have there been plenty of them? There have been. I mean bill Clinton with the Clinton crime bill, Joe Biden, who authored the prime bill in the Senate. I mean, that would be a good place to start, but here’s, here’s the important part is that people say that there was a great switch.
[00:38:23] That is not correct at all. The most generous thing I could possibly say the most generous thing I could possibly say to even. Talk about that is that Democrats hide their racism today, better than they ever have. That’s the most generous way I can say it is that they hide their racism and they project their racism.
[00:38:39] On the other side, they’re just as bitterly racist as they were decades ago. Now I’m not going to go as far to say that every Democrat is as racist today as they were in the sixties. I’m not going to say that, but a lot of the leaders are. Joe Biden is an unbelievable racist. What he said. If I said that, David, if I said, what Joe Biden said with the accent and the word that he said, I would be the platform, I would not be allowed [00:39:00] on cable television.
[00:39:00] If I said, you know, if you don’t vote for Donald Trump, you ain’t black. Could you imagine if I said something as it’s so racist and racist is that,
[00:39:09] David Harris Jr.: [00:39:09] Oh, and here’s the thing to me too. It shows the way that he said it. The amount of comfortable comfortability of which he said it. And then he leaned back and grinned as if he had just scored a touchdown.
[00:39:24] If you don’t know who to vote for me or Trump, you ain’t in black and then sits back and smirks to me, that’s the old style ingrained racism coming out of that,
[00:39:35] Christopher Kirk: [00:39:35] man. Yeah. And not to mention he called, he said you cannot walk into a seven 11 without a slight Indian accent. He said that black people were super predators in the 1990s.
[00:39:46] He defended busing and segregation. Which was the highlight of Senator Harris’s campaign when she dared cross examine that. And then everything went downhill from there. He was friends with Robert Byrd, the bitter segregation it’s. Now I don’t know Joe Biden’s heart. I just know his words. And I know his [00:40:00] policy prescriptions.
[00:40:00] I know every single policy, every single policy David that Joe Biden advocates for top to bottom will make black America works, will make black America more dangerous. Whether it more abortion clinics. Yeah, more abortion clinics, stricter gun laws, less opportunity, empowering public sector teachers. So people say, well, Charlie, what would you, what would you do for black America?
[00:40:18] I’m glad you asked. And David, you can piggyback off this. Number one. I would declare full-out score turf war on the public sector, teacher unions. It is a civil injustice that black kids cannot read. If you cannot read, you cannot function in civil society. I’m a conservative. But I believe that being able to read words is a civil rights.
[00:40:35] I do. I believe that is a civil right for you. Be able to read the great books to read the Bible, to be able to interpret different opinions. Public sector, teacher unions run by Democrats and the Democrat cartel have prevented this from happening over the last couple of decades. They allow bad teachers to stay in place.
[00:40:49] They do not paid good teachers enough. They staff these inner city schools with teachers that are not committed to excellence. And then you have this cycle that continues. Number two. Get black fathers in the home. I don’t know how you do that. [00:41:00] You can comment on it. There’s different policy ideas. Maybe, maybe it’s literally subsidizing it.
[00:41:04] I hesitate to say that. Cause Thomas soul is teaching us that you subsidize something. You sometimes get something you don’t want, but you have black fathers in the home. I think we have to have a moonshot. In fact, I think that we have to say, we have a goal in the next 10 years to get black fatherlessness down by 20%.
[00:41:18] We should track it every month. Are we on track? The government should do this. This is a good, you know, why? Because it is a human rights crisis what’s happening in our inner cities and they’re protesting the police. No, it’s the fact that the kids don’t have father figures and you know what, the first father figure they run into every single day, the police or the gang banger down the streets.
[00:41:35] So that’s, that’s their idea of a strong man. So David I’d love your ideas of solutions for the black community.
[00:41:41] David Harris Jr.: [00:41:41] I think the solution for fatherlessness in the home is going to have to come through the church. You know, I don’t know that the government can mandate anything. That’s going to help people stay together.
[00:41:50] But I do know that there’s an absolute lack of courage in and mentorship for black, for black women that are before they get [00:42:00] pregnant. I mean, culture has culture has dominated how the black, the majority of the black community, especially in inner cities feel, think, and operate. Uh, sex is glorified. Women are objective objectified.
[00:42:13] Having multiple women or girlfriends is glorified, drugs and alcohol. It is a cesspool for the mind. I can’t tell you. It is baffling to me. There’s no other John rhe of music, no other genre country jazz. Rock even rock, uh, you name it heavy metal. There’s no other genre of music that glorifies murdering your own color of people that glorifies drug, that glorifies drug use drug take pimping women, uh, and sex with as many women as you can.
[00:42:49] Now, some may be sex and other stuff, but as far as murdering. And killing your own people. There’s no other genre music that does it. And yet we’ve allowed the black [00:43:00] community has allowed the music industry. The music industry has allowed for songs to talk about blacks, murdering, capping, killing, and seeing other blacks on the ground, bleeding out or dead.
[00:43:14] They’ve allowed that to be glorified. And the church, I don’t think has made a big enough deal about it. The music industry.
[00:43:22] Christopher Kirk: [00:43:22] And now
[00:43:23] David Harris Jr.: [00:43:23] we’ve got a generation that is completely lost and void of what it means to be a man. What it means to be a woman, to respect yourself, to not sleep with just anybody, to actually feel confident that God created you special and beautiful and created somebody for you to be your mate for a man to actually know what it means to be a man, to be responsible, to find a job, to work hard.
[00:43:46] Nobody gave me anything. I’ve worked hard from day one with my very first job, which was taco bell. I worked hard at taco bell. I did my job. Uh, and then I continued to elevate as, as what seems to [00:44:00] happen when you work at one job and you work hard and you’re diligent, it seems that, Hey, now you’ve got a track record and you keep doing you to move on to your next job and your next job.
[00:44:08] Then I opened up a business. Then I was doing $2 million a year in sales in my own small business in my twenties, but nobody gave that to me. I had to earn it. I had to work for it. And that message and that voice is lost to a great degree in the black community. I think that in order for our women, our young girls to truly start to respect themselves more, they’re going to have to hear those messages coming, not just from, not even just from the church.
[00:44:37] And I don’t know if you have an idea on how the government could help. I know that the opportunities zones that the president has has put forward, that’s going to help create jobs and create the opportunity for young black men, women, Hispanics, even in minority communities, all around the country to be able to get work.
[00:44:54] To be able to do something outside of potentially a gang banging or selling drugs, but [00:45:00] that’s the message that’s going to have to grab a hold of this generation in order to, I believe, truly see a shift and a change towards less fatherlessness in the home, less babies born out of wedlock of wedlock. Uh, and, and then the, the, the decrease in all of the horrible statistics that come from being a single mother being raised by a single mother.
[00:45:21] Christopher Kirk: [00:45:21] Yeah. Amen. I mean, look, school choice for black kids. Those five words, every Republican needs to say every single school choice is not perfect. People say, well, there’s some schools that is. You know what it’s Oh, it’s so much better than what it is now. And everyone has missed that. I mean, charter schools, private schools, parochial schools.
[00:45:37] And then I think there’s some very simple things we can do in our inner cities, allow police back in the communities and if they need to be black police officers, then so be it. I’m not opposed to that. Have have body cameras have all these sorts of transparent things, but the idea that you are going to deescalate situations that you are going to have safer communities because police officers are not there.
[00:45:56] It’s not true because you know, what ends up happening is you have a hierarchy that [00:46:00] ends up being built around criminality is that the thugs will run the corners and the thugs we’ll run the streets. The reason that police have allowed America to succeed. And we don’t talk about this is that the hierarchy is the constitution.
[00:46:11] It’s not the cop is at the high. The hierarchy ends up being the law and it guess what? It’s the laws of nature and nature’s God. So the police officer, as imperfectly as a police officer could, because it’s a human being when they are in those communities, you are literally saying that the constitution matters more than the gang bang or on the side of the street, that might be preventing a black person from being able to live literally.
[00:46:31] Cause they are gunning down as some people on the side of the street. So I argue for more police. Not less police. Number two in Chicago, in particular, I’m from the suburbs of Chicago. I think that if we are going to solve the black, you know, the problems in the black community, we have to start to solve more of these murders.
[00:46:48] You’d be amazed that 80% of all gun deaths in Chicago go unsolved. But then if you actually listen to the street chatter and you listen to what people are saying on the streets, it’s a handful of people that keep on committing the same murders over and [00:47:00] over again. It it’s, it’s, it’s a couple hundred people that know when to shoot and know what to do.
[00:47:05] And this is awful to talk about, but until we’re serious about actually saying, Hey, let’s get 80% of all these gun deaths to actually be solved and people to be held accountable around them. Number three, if I, if I had to argue for one thing and is a complete and total re re rebirth and the way we think around welfare in our country, and it is.
[00:47:23] And this is not just a black problem, by the way, this is among all parts of the country where we should judge success by people getting off of government assistance instead of people getting onto government assistance. And the fourth thing is this. I think that we should have really strict immigration in our country.
[00:47:37] I think that we should be having aggressive public service campaigns. That go through black leaders and black pastors and say, okay, we are limiting guest worker visas. Can we get 600 black males to go work in this factory, down the street. But really let’s invigorate let’s challenge because let’s, let’s, the jobs are there.
[00:47:57] As long as we have stricter immigration, we can then [00:48:00] get black America back to work. Once somebody has a job, David, that whole behavioral pattern about 15 people that they touch changes because all of a sudden they’re like, No, I, I’m not going to go out tonight. I gotta, I gotta be held accountable for something.
[00:48:13] And so when you’re not in the workforce, when you’re not producing that intersection of responsibility and meaning disappears, it’s nothing but like limitless freedom. And I’m all for freedom, but on individual capacity, if you think you can do whatever you want, whenever you want to do it, well, you end up being miserable and you’re not harming other people.
[00:48:29] And so I would argue, I would argue significantly for that. And then finally, if I had to kind of. Just tie it all together. I think once, and for all, you know, we, as conservatives have to make the case. That our worldview and our Christian philosophy, if you will, can help people individually, culturally, outside of politics.
[00:48:48] And, and I I’m really worried, cause this is starting to just, it’s just starting to transfer now into suburban America, which is like, Oh, what’s the point? The world is rigged against me. I don’t want to do anything like, Whoa, what are you talking about? [00:49:00] Yes, you’re right. We have all these problems that tech companies hate us.
[00:49:03] The media hates us. They’re probably spying on you right now. Our immigration policies are silly. They’re creating $6 trillion out of thin air they’re declaring war on countries. We shouldn’t be with all that’s true. So what’s preventing you from succeeding again, like none of that prevents you from applying yourself from working harder from being the best human being you could possible be from dropping your addictions from praising Jesus.
[00:49:24] We have to communicate that. Be the optimistic. Pro human flourishing message, because I think the greatest untapped resource in America is black America. And if there’s anyone that should be worried about the amount of visas and people that are pouring into America, it should be black America. If there’s anyone that has an argument to be like, Hey, we kind of have been treated unfairly.
[00:49:46] Can we get a chance at these jobs? It’s black America.
[00:49:50] David Harris Jr.: [00:49:50] Absolutely. Yeah. And, and now the Hispanic community is, is reeling from it as well. Uh, I really believe and hope that there is a, that there is [00:50:00] what, what you, what you suggested those five or six points is exactly what could have a practical impact on the black community.
[00:50:09] Uh, if we were able to partner and pair that. Within a spiritual uprising and awakening, and it is, it always starts with the individual. It starts with the person. It starts with you listening to this podcast right now. It starts with you and your own personal relationship. Maybe you don’t believe in God.
[00:50:25] Maybe maybe, maybe you’ve been hurt by somebody that’s been in a church or that even was a pastor or maybe it was a friend of yours. Maybe you’ve been belittled. Maybe somebody turns you off to God. You know what? You’re listening to this right now for a reason. You’re listening to two individuals, two men, a young man and an older man, but still to two men.
[00:50:43] I still consider myself a young, excuse me, you’re listening to two men that have had their lives impacted and changed radically by the love. Of God we believe in him. We know that he’s real. We trust in him. We ask him for forgiveness. We [00:51:00] understand that we’re not perfect. Nobody’s perfect. Nobody that’s ever walked this earth has ever been perfect except for one.
[00:51:07] And his name is Jesus. And it’s because of his sacrifice, his willingness to sacrifice himself. You know, I hate it. When I hear this, it sounds like a catchphrase sometimes where people say Jesus died for your sins? No, he was tortured. He was mutilated and tortured. In order to carry the cross and bear the weight of our sin so that we could then know the father.
[00:51:30] All we have to do is acknowledge his sacrifice and accept it. And I just feel like I need to do this for anybody listening right now. If you haven’t ever accepted Jesus as your personal. Lord and savior, what does that mean? That means you understand that you’re, you’ve sinned, you’ve done wrong. And just like in the natural, in the practical realm, when you break a law, there’s a consequence.
[00:51:52] Well, in, in the universe, in God’s universe that he’s created, there are spiritual laws. And when you break spiritual laws, there are spiritual [00:52:00] consequences. Sometimes we can see those consequences act out in the natural. Uh, with, with depression, with anxiety, with, uh, with being tormented literally, and by drug abuse, sometimes we can see those things, but the ultimate, the ultimate weight of sin is death and it’s eternal separation from God.
[00:52:17] So the beautiful thing about who Jesus was and is. Is he’s that sacrifice. He laid his life down willingly so that we could accept what he did on our behalf for us on our behalf. And then we could be reunited with a relationship with a pure loving God. And so if you, if you’re listening to this right now, Maybe you have prayed, maybe you have asked Jesus to come into your life.
[00:52:41] I just really feel like right now, whether you have or haven’t, or you need to be recommitted and reconnected. I just want to offer this to you right now. Just, just pray this with me, Charlie. I hope this is okay. I just really feel God on this moment right now for individuals listening to this podcast, just pray this prayer with me right now.
[00:52:55] Just say, Lord Jesus. I believe that you [00:53:00] came and that you died for me and I accept you right now. Come into my life, forgive me for all my sins and whatever they are right now. You can just put those on your lips, whatever they are, you know what you’ve been battling with. You need to give them up, you need to release them.
[00:53:17] You need to give them over to God, just put them on your mouth, ask him for forgiveness for those things right now. And now just say Jesus, come into my life. Holy spirit, come into my heart. Cleanse me. Of all my sins cleanse me of all my wrongs. Fill me up right now with your presence and help me live for you every day.
[00:53:39] Give me a hunger to know you and to know this love that David and that Charlie are talking about. I give myself to you right now and then help me become the person that you created me to be. In Jesus’ name. Amen. Amen. I just felt like I needed to do [00:54:00] that. Charlie there’s people that are feeling
[00:54:04] Christopher Kirk: [00:54:04] or
[00:54:04] David Harris Jr.: [00:54:04] feeling worry that don’t know what tomorrow holds that may even be thinking and contemplating suicide, because they just are so confused.
[00:54:12] And so messed up with what’s currently going on and we know the answer, we know his name and his name is Jesus. And he’s the only reason why we’re even here right now. Why we’re alive right now. I know he’s why I’m alive. I should have been dead almost 10 years ago. I almost overdosed on crack cocaine.
[00:54:30] And it’s only because of his love and his grace and his mercy that not only did I survive that. But now I’m here living and being who he’s called me to be. So I just, uh, I’m just glad that, uh, I know you believe as I do, and I’m just believing for every person that prayed that, that they would have their own encounter with that love, that changed me.
[00:54:51] That’s changed you and then drives us to become who we are. I think that we will be the change and will, will, all of us will be the change that’s [00:55:00] necessary, uh, for our country to truly begin to see. Great things happen, especially in the black community.
[00:55:08] Christopher Kirk: [00:55:08] Amen. Well, thank you, David. And for people that are apprehensive or skeptical, just surrender, if you’ve ever felt like you’re not, you don’t have all the answers well, you’re right.
[00:55:19] And if you’ve ever felt that you don’t have it all figured out, that’s okay too. And it will change your life. It will change who you are in the best possible way imaginable. And yes. The gift is eternal life.
[00:55:31] David Harris Jr.: [00:55:31] Well, that was the impromptu. Charlie, where do we go from here? What do you believe all of us should do right now in the middle of this crisis and pandemic, what the heck happened to COVID.
[00:55:41] Nobody’s worried about that now. Now, now it’s all the writing. Where do you feel? What do you think that we all need to do at a practical level right now? Moving forward.
[00:55:50] Christopher Kirk: [00:55:50] Well, I think, uh, first of all, I can do accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and savior. Number two, they need to understand the facts and the data.
[00:55:56] They can check out Charlie We have a lot of great studies [00:56:00] around here. The CDC website, the FBI, the Michigan state, and the university college, Maryland college park study that all debunks the idea that America, the American police is systemically racist. That also shows the exact opposite that.
[00:56:12] Police officers go above and beyond and try to deescalate conflicts that actually more unarmed white people than black people died by police officers last year, uh, which is not what the media would tell you. And you don’t see a huge demonstrations, uh, against the police that unarmed white individuals are being killed by police officers.
[00:56:30] So I just encourage people to pursue truth. Those of us that are Christians and know that truth is paramount and we know the ultimate truth, but there, there, there are other forms there’s other less important parts of truth, which is data and science and, you know, Newtonian physics. And you can’t, you can’t ignore all those things.
[00:56:45] And people are saying to me, well, Charlie, that’s not my truth. Well, that really there’s no such thing as your truth. There’s just truth. And you might have personal testimony and personal experience, and I’m not discounting any of that. And, but if you, if [00:57:00] what you believe to be true is my truth. And then you apply it to a net in a macro narrative and say, that must be true.
[00:57:10] Well, then all of a sudden you are, misapplying a singular incident to be entire society. Which could cause serious damage. For example, if an Asian American started a movement right now and said, Asians are being gunned down by blacks in record numbers, because maybe a friend of his who was an Asian American got gunned down by a police officer, they would, people would say, rightly, there’s no data to support that.
[00:57:35] Right. Well, that’s, what’s happening right now with black lives matter. It’s not happening at record rates. It just isn’t. And so I encourage people to know the numbers and. Knowing the truth will set you free. Yes,
[00:57:47] David Harris Jr.: [00:57:47] it will. I’m appreciative for you. We’ve got to know the facts. We’ve got to know why we believe what we believe and we’ve got to be bearers of truth, and I love that it’s not our truth or your truth or relative truth.
[00:57:59] There’s absolute [00:58:00] truth. And God’s word is absolutely true. His love is absolutely true. His presence is absolutely true and real. And, uh, when we are ourselves with the practical side of everything you’re sharing and then inside internally, we’re carrying spiritually, uh, the weapons of warfare that come from walking in love and walking in relationship with our creator.
[00:58:20] I believe we truly cannot be stopped. We can’t wear on stock. So Charlie, anything else, man? This has been absolutely amazing brother on every minute of it.
[00:58:29] Christopher Kirk: [00:58:29] God bless you and subscribe to your podcast and they can email and check out the fall cook center for faith and Liberty.
[00:58:36] David Harris Jr.: [00:58:36] Yes. And for me, check out my website, David Harris, jr. Com my book. Make sure you get Charlie’s book the mag doctrine. That’s amazing. My book, why couldn’t stay silent. It’s on my website at David Harris, jr. Com and my podcast, please subscribe David J. Harris, jr. God bless you guys.
[00:58:54] Christopher Kirk: [00:58:54] See you later, David.
[00:58:55] David Harris Jr.: [00:58:55] Thank you, Charlie.
[00:58:56] Bless you brother.



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