Save The Date: Trump March In D.C. October 17!

It would seem the mainstream news outlets of late haven’t paid much attention to anything resembling a reelection campaign for our dear President, focusing more on championing his potential rivals while also attempting to forcefully dislodge him from their feet like a rogue Lego brick in the night.  They’ve picked on him so much, and so shamelessly, that some politically-minded citizens have decided enough is enough, and they’re going to march on the Capitol, to remind these politicians who is really in charge.

Breitbart reports:

“We are coming to Washington to support our president — to stand with him through this impeachment charade,” Amy Kremer, Tea Party activist and founder of Women for America First, the organization behind the march, said on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Saturday with host Matt Boyle.

(Just a side note from our author before we go on: Before the writing of this article, this author had never heard anything positive regarding a Tea Party member or founder, from anywhere.  Whether this reputation is unfounded or bitter enemies have set aside their differences to fight a restlessly impatient evil, it just goes to show that not even the most in-the-loop gumshoes are immune to bias or character assassination.  If bad things are all we ever hear, the more of a lefty we may really be.)

We continue:

“[Democrats are] trying to subvert the will of the people and overturn the vote and people are as mad as hell about it,” Kremer said, adding, “It absolutely is a partisan witch hunt and the American people can see right through it.”

And Trump’s supporters are taking the effort to remove a duly elected president through a political impeachment process personally.

“People see it not just as an attack on the president but an attack on us,” Kremer said.

The march, which begins at 10 a.m. at the U.S. Capitol, will include marchers visiting lawmaker’s offices to express their opposition to impeachment, support for Trump and his reelection in 2020, and also a push to take back the House.

To put this in perspective, this author believes that Trump was right when he said the MSM was the “enemy of the people.”  To Trump, this last-minute, unfounded impeachment farce is merely business as usual.  His advisers all know it’s nonsense.  He’s at the eye of the storm.  The media has whipped this up into such a frenzy that it has backfired upon them, inspiring great marches and counter-protests in his name that he never asked for.  The level of concern for our President is at an all-time high.

While a march may not make his detractors any less fraudulent or inconsequential, a showing of support is welcome.  At the very least, if Trump is too busy to campaign for himself, the people will certainly do it for him.

Again, the march happens on October 17, 2019, if you’re in the DC area.  Keep America Great!


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