Nikki Haley Throwing Her Weight Behind Trump 2020 Campaign

It’s been almost a year to the day since former South Carolina governor and UN Ambassador Nikki Haley announced her resignation from her position as US ambassador to return to the private sector.  Many believe this was so she could be on the board of directors for Boeing without conflict.  Others say it was more about putting her kids through college.  Some have even speculated that she could be busy running for Madame President, despite her vocal denial.

Last Friday she reaffirmed her commitment to Trump’s administration on Fox News:

“If you look around the world, President Trump has a record every American should be proud of,” she said. “In the Middle East, the ISIS caliphate has been destroyed, and we’ve stopped handing billions in cash to Iran that it used to fund terrorism. The North Korean regime is no longer testing long-range missiles. America is once again treating the Cuban dictatorship like the pariah it is, and Maduro’s days are numbered in Venezuela.”

“America is strong again, and it’s because of President Trump’s decisions.”

There was a significant rumor that she would be replacing Mike Pence on the 2020 ticket for Trump’s vice president, but she has denied this also.  She seems to be more concerned about her upcoming book tour.  It should be a very interesting read, what with how matter-of-factly and quickly she cuts to the chase.  (This author could hardly find a single tweet of hers longer than four words, and this article threatened to be equally brief!)  She appears to share an attitude with most Americans; this author included, that politics is not a desirable job for a realist.

The people we elect around the world are perfectly adept in leading the people, for good or ill; in fact, many of our leaders are pushed by their people instead.  What former Ambassador Haley learned during her time in the United Nations, I feel, is that to duly enact any lasting change, a politician must lead the leaders.  Our President falls under this category, and from what we all have seen in recent years, that is not a desirable position.  For all of you out there hoping for a competent, incorruptible female President, methinks it’ll be a few years more.  She’s certainly one to watch out for.


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