ICE, working with local law enforcement set out to bust an illegal cock fighting ring. They were expecting about 30 people to be in attendence but were shocked when 134 people showed up. One hundred and twenty of those were arrested. ICE is now checking immigration statuses of those who were arrested. Besides the arrests, ICE was given tips on companies who regularly hire illegal aliens. ICE says they plan to issue I-9 audits to those companies, forcing them to prove that all of their employees are legal. The raid, which took place in Sevier County, Ark., on Saturday. The ring had been investigated for 18 months before law enforcement dropped the hammer on them.

From The Daily Caller

ICE investigators are in the process of positively identifying the 120 individuals by checking immigration records, the agency said. Immigration agents suspect a portion of those arrested are illegal aliens.

“This collaborative effort not only provided prompt federal law enforcement support to our state and local partners but it also resulted in investigative leads that align with HSI priorities,” Nick Nelson, the assistant special agent in charge, said in a statement. “It was a win-win situation.”

More than 200 live birds were seized in the raid, Gentry said, according to KSLA News in Shreveport, La. Police expect the operation to lead to further arrests of people involved in cockfighting in the area.

Cock fighting is a popular event in many countries in Central and South America. They are illegal in the United States since many of the fights result in the death of many of the birds. Former NFL quarterback Michael Vick was arrested and prosecuted for running such a ring. I am thinking of running a pool to see which liberal will call the raid racist first.


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