A group of Americans living in Gainesville, Georgia tell the Washington Post that they “feel like the minority” in their own country.

WaPo’s latest piece by Jenna Johnson interviews nine Americans on their views of immigration.  Six of them said they supported amnesty (probably all Democrats) for illegals and have no problem with the current legal immigration levels, while three interviews voiced their opposition to what amounts to an immigration crisis.

As reported by Breitbart:

Susan Henthorn, 61-years-old, said her neighborhood is rapidly changing because of immigration and wants to see it stop.

I’m sick of it,” Henthorn, 61, said of immigrants illegally coming to her community, where she has lived for 30 years. [Emphasis added]

“You get tired of it,” said Henthorn, a retired cardiology scrub nurse. “You. Get. Tired. Of. It. I feel like the minority.” [Emphasis added]

Another American, Art Gallegos Jr., said he supported President Trump’s plan to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border and wants to see illegal immigration stopped. Gallegos is a first-generation American from Mexico.

A wall could be looked at as something that’s going to prevent you from getting somewhere — or it’s going to protect you from danger, from threats,” said Gallegos, who helped found the city’s Latinos Conservative Organization last year. “It has never been to deter people from reaching the dream.” [Emphasis added]

Breitbart previously reported that Americans support Trump’s plan for merit-based immigration, which is what most other countries do.  Merit-based would reduce legal immigration by at least half the numbers.

Trump’s plan mirrors that of Civil Rights icon Barbara Jordan, who fought for reductions for legal immigration to help increase black Americans’ wages and available jobs.




The huge amount of low-skilled foreign nationals coming into the country caused wages to remain low and stagnant for decades.  Average earnings for full-time working American men were recorded lower in 2016 than they were in 2007!

Wages will continue to remain stagnant as more and more illegals and mass low-skilled immigrants come into the country.  Just this month wages grew by less than o.5 percent.

WaPo goes out of its way to make it appear that Donald Trump has evil intentions with his immigration policies.  One of the interviewees says:

“It’s just not the kind of society that we want to live in.”

Rose Johnson grew up in Newtown, an African-American neighborhood constructed on top of a landfill in an industrial area, and has spent most of her life fighting for the rights of African Americans in Gainesville. She now sees similar discrimination against Latinos.

First off, neither conservatives nor Republicans “discriminated” against black Americans, that was the Progressive Democrats pretty much all throughout their history.   You cannot cite a single law Republicans passed that was intentionally racist, though we can cite many from Democrats over their history.  Today, the race hustlers will point to bills proposed by Republicans that want to help poor Americans no longer be dependent on government and claim they’re racist, because the Democratic Party has to maintain a certain number of poor people in this country in order to keep any power base.

What Democrats call discrimination against Latinos is nothing more than trying to bring some sanity back to our immigration system.  The truth is the further left the Democratic Party leans the more sane Americans leave it in droves.  The party now wants to build up its voter base by fighting for amnesty for up to 30 million illegal aliens in the country.

You have to have lived in a cave for the past several decades to not notice that we have serious immigration problems.  Yes, it sounds horrible to point out to people that our immigration system was purposely focused (by Ted Kennedy and his supporters  in Congress) on people who bring absolutely nothing of value to our country, but it’s the truth.  And people who have no skills and bring no value to a society eventually bring that society down.  We are now at the brink, and no amount of flowery or hateful language can change that fact.

President Trump wants to transform our immigration system to merit-based, because immigration is supposed to be used to help better our country and to help our current citizens, not to act as a dump for the world’s poor who left countries that are run by socialist tyrants.  It is not our fault these countries are so horrible, and we are not the remedy for the world’s problems.  We have enough of our own, thank you very much.

The cost of lives and treasury from illegal immigration now outweighs the cost of lives and treasury from war, and the American people have finally had enough.  Illegal immigration is one of those issues that polite folk don’t talk about in mixed company, they bite their tongues when said mixed company goes all SJW on the issue, and they do what they can to go along to get along.  But there comes a time when the other side goes over the top and the American people can no longer tolerate the insanity.  For decades we have been told that we must be tolerant of illegal aliens, the incredible cost to taxpayers and victims of crime coming from criminal illegals and drug cartels.  To go from being asked to remain tolerant of the costs of illegals to watching liberals and media cheering illegal aliens openly protesting and demanding amnesty, displaying insulting signs that spit in the face of our sovereignty without regard to the burden it puts on American citizens.  It’s just too much, and it is one of the main reasons Donald Trump was elected to the White House.  Leftists act like they don’t know it, but trust me, they do.

SOURCE: Breitbart


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