Over a six-week period, close to 2,000 children have been separated from their families at the U.S. border.  This is due to a crackdown on illegal entries, according to Department of Homeland Security numbers as of Friday.

According to DHS, 1,995 minors were separated from 1,940 adults between April 19 and May 31.  Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced a “zero tolerance” policy, and DHS officials are now referring all cases of illegal entry for criminal prosecutions.  U.S. law does not allow children to be detained with their parents, because the childred are not charged with any crime, while their parents are.

The policy, which enforces laws that have been on the books long before the Trump administration and rarely followed, was announced by Sessions on April 6, and DHS started expediting referrals in early May.   In April, prosecutions rose 60 percent compared to January.

One of the reasons for this policy is that in the past, under Barack Obama, Justice Department immigration judges were instructed to perform de facto amnesty for illegals by moving them to a wait list rather than file bench warrants for not showing up for their deportation hearing.  No one ever shows up for their deportation hearing. The wait list had become a favorite maneuver of the Obama administration to protect illegals from being deported.

Instead of trying those cases Obama government attorneys would propose “administrative closure” by moving more than 200,000 cases to the suspension list where they would become a de facto amnesty. And the judges were only more than happy to grant the Obama administration’s wishes.

More than 215,000 cases were given administrative closure and placed on a wait list from fiscal year 2012 through 2017.  And no one went after them as the administrative closure was in lieu of a bench warrant.  This caused an off-calendar backlog to more than 350,000 cases.  Throw in around 690,000 other pending cases and the immigration court has more than a million cases that are waiting for rulings.  All this due to the wishes of the most lawless president ever elected, Barack Obama.

Whiny White House reporters like CNN’s Jim Acosta and Brian Karem recently threw loaded questions at White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders about the children of illegal border crossers being removed from their parents.

Acosta asked Sanders during a White Press briefing about family separations at the border: “Why is the government doing this?”

Sanders replied, “Because it’s the law and that’s what the law states…”

Karem tried to showboat for extra TV time:

“Come on Sarah, you’re a parent. Don’t you have any empathy for what these people are going through?”

Here’s the deal.  If parents took their children into a department store and they got caught stealing a lot of expensive merchandise, would law enforcement authorities let their children go into a jail cell with their parents?  Of course not, and this is no different.  If you rob a bank and get caught and sent to prison, did the police who arrested you break up your family?  Of course not.  When you break the law, you break up your family, not law enforcement and not prosecutors.  Contrary to liberal ideology, crossing the border illegally is breaking the law, and you get arrested for doing so.  Your case will be handled no differently from any other where your children will be removed from you while you are being dealt with through the criminal justice system.

Liberals expect the American taxpayer to put illegal border crossing families up at a local Marriott hotel while they wait for their trial.  The bottom line is the parents, not the government, are responsible for their kids being removed from them when caught sneaking into the country illegally.

Believe it or not the chaos at the border was by design.  The Obama administration did everything it could to allow illegal aliens to come here and remain here.  For votes.  Obama corrupted almost every federal department, and we are all now left to clean it all up.

SOURCE: The Washington Times


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