Renee Baio, wife of actor Scott Baio has been diagnosed with microvascular brain disease.

The brain is an early target for organ damage due to high blood pressure. Hypertension is the major modifiable risk factor for stroke and small vessel disease and is known to be the most-important factor for macrovascular cerebral complications such as atherotrombotic stroke and, consequently, vascular dementia.

Renee had been diagnosed with  2 meningioma brain tumors, in Oct 2017. She and Scott have fought back against Renee’s health problems with courage and prayer.

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Scott told The Blast doctors diagnosed Renee with moderate to severe chronic microvascular disease.

“She was a former stuntwoman and had a massive brain injury in ’92 due to a jet ski accident. We don’t know if her tumors and this new disease has anything to do with this,” he said. “All we know is she must live as stress-free, depression free and anxiety free life as possible and a get good amount of sleep each night. This new disease can cause strokes and dementia.”

Microvascular brain disease, or Microvascular Ischemic Disease as it’s sometimes referred, affects small blood vessels in the brain and is commonly linked to chronic illness, hypertension, high blood pressure, diabetes, depression, and high blood pressure, Health Line reports. Extreme cases can lead to tiny strokes.

Both Scott and Renee are born again Christians and over the years they have faced many health conditions both with Renee and with their daughter Bailey De Luca. This is just the latest in a long line of illnesses. Scott says that Renee is the toughest person he has ever known and that she will fight her way through this nby her strength and the mercy of God.



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