The Democratic parties base has included college-educated women, pro-abortionist, open borders, Marxists, and black voters, all needed for them to win elections.

With changing demographics, the slightest increase in these demographics would guarantee them victory in the November 3rd elections.

The African American vote has been very liable for decades. A mystery for many of us as urban areas have been riddled with high gun violence, low graduation rates, increasing welfare recipients, increasing percentage of babies born out of wedlock, and more black youth incarcerated.

Even with nothing to show for all their support, the black community turned out big time for Barak Obama & Hillary Clinton.

2012 – 93 percent of the black voters chose Barack Obama

2016 – 88 percent of black voters supported Hillary Clinton

In 2016 President Trump doubled Mitt Romney’s numbers garnering 8 percent of the black vote.

President Trump’s policies have helped all communities. Following 3 1/2 years of improving job numbers and increasing bring home income, Mr. Trump’s numbers in the black community climbed to, and has been in the mid-20s to mid- 30s since February.

If these numbers hold, it would be very difficult to see how Joe Biden could overcome this massive loss in voters.

This would affect cities like Atlanta, Miami, Houston, Philadelphia, Madison, Detriot, etc.

Rasmussen Reports approval numbers for July gives President Trump a monthly approval rating of 36% with black voters.

So MAGA supporters, keep on pushing hope, facts and the results of 3 /2 years of pro-American trade deals, lower regulations, lower taxes, and President Trump’s plan for 4 more years of America first policies.

Register to vote ASAP, vote as early as possible, then tell everyone you meet what President Trump stands for and encourage them to MAGA with you and all of us.

Eric Thompson

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  • In 17 century, a lot of Africans were brought to America as the labor force needed for cultivation of cotton fields. It is a reality of the American history, which makes America impossible to revert to the past. There will be no other way but to co-exist with African people. Americans should take the historical reality as granted, which will be important for their survival in this world. It is the destiny for them.

    BEAUTIFUL Ladies!!
    President TRUMP to NEEDS SEND YOU
    LADIES ON THE ROAD WITH A DECKED OUT RV END TO END WITH TRUMP 2020, driver and monies to travel our country representing him for the TEUMP 2020 ELECTION !!

  • It’s because you have made your voices heard! You, David, D&S, Terrance and so many other black voices are speaking out! You are opening eyes and waking sleeping mindsets! Thank you so much! Blessing! Stay safe!

  • I see that the title of this article is “Winning Bigly”.

    David, you need to understand the history of this word “bigly”.

    First of all, that’s not what Trump said during the 2016 debates. What he said was “big league”, like he always has and always will.

    He had been given a lousy mic, on purpose, and when it was not clear what he was saying (due to the lousy mic), the lefty news media jumped all over it, and in an effort to make him look “stupid” like they always do, they decided for themselves that he said “bigly”, and then they splashed this all over the media. So just like all the other twisted rumors they spread about him, this one caught on as well, and now it seems that everybody, including conservatives, actually believes he said “bigly”.

    He didn’t. It’s all baloney. He simply said “big league”.

    So by using this term in your headline, you are actually not being supportive of him at all. You are inadvertently aiding the left in their ridicule of the president, and you’re helping to perpetuate yet another one of their lies.

    He deserves better my brother. Conservatives need to stop using this word altogether.

  • Be ready.
    I expect a democratic race card false flag near election day, such as a lynching somewhere in the South, probably Florida, intended to sway the election.
    Be ready.