Teachers have historically been known for their selfless dedication to educating generations of children in American Civics, writing, reading, and arithmetic.

Each day they would, until 1962, lead the children in prayer and until recently would universally lead their students in the pledge of allegiance. Most schools still do require the pledge with some SJW activists school abandoning the practice.

As the schools abandoned prayer and the posting of the Ten Commandments, teachers who were up to then primarily Christians, morphed into a growing progressive army more open to Marxist ideology and hypersexual propaganda.

Far-left activists took over school administrative rolls leading to the lowering of test standards, minimizing of individuals who excelled, and the transformation from individual achievement to the collective, aka “village”.

As millions of illegal alien children were brought into the USA, schools were forced to increase their hiring of bilingual teachers, taking away resources for the majority of the student population. On top of this, a strange infatuation developed for the students by some of the younger teachers resulting in deplorable sexual activity shocking our communities.

This brings us to a growing number of social justice warriors who are using their power over their students to promote BLM, ANTIFA, and Anti-American sentiments.

This past weekend we saw an example of far things have drifted from the 60’s teacher.

A woman claiming to be a teacher stopped her car and had a complete meltdown at anti-lockdown protesters in Bend, Oregon, on Sunday.

The belligerent woman shouted “b-tch kill yourself” as she berated the protesters from her vehicle.

So what attributes does she bring to her classroom? Anger, no control, hateful and violent. Wow, would hate to have my children anywhere near her.

If you have children, no better time while they are at home to see if homeschooling will work for your family.

I believe if our country doesn’t pull the kids out of these Marxist portals and fight to fix immigration, we will not be the USA in 2 generations.


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  • No, what happens in PUBLIC schools, is that teachers actually have to educate the actual and REAL American public. Many many, millions of peoples children, which have been harmed. So, when millions and millions of children come from fractured homes whose parents don’t have the time or ability to teach them abcs or 123s, or live in lead – infused houses and drinking poisoned water becuase they can’t afford anything better, they can’t even work at an average level of education, and they are mixed in with children with more opportunity and better circumstances. It isn’t a matter of communistic thought. It’s a matter of Americans that don’t give a shit about the hindering of circumstances under which many American children live., and yet you expect teachers to somehow churn out exceptional students from what is thought by Republicans as the lowest rungs of American society. It isn’t happening. You post a picture of the white teacher, with the white, healthy, stable, middle- class students, in that picture, from sixty years ago, and Then ask why this isn’t the universal American public school standard anymore. What’s wrong with this picture? Literally? Where do I start? How about the actual reality of American children? A shrinking middle class, with middle class values, perhaps? Look at the class size. Does that look like thirty kids shoved in a classroom, with a number of them suffering from learning disabilities, outdated and battered schoolbooks, gang violence, poisoned water, a destroyed family structure, the stress of destitution, and more? Do you want more of that picture, more stability and educational ability? What are Republicans personally willing to
    contribute to that ideal?

    • Under whose policies have the above-mentioned conditions developed and flourished? This is most prolific in cities in the Democrat stranglehold. So just stop.

      • This is among the sizeable millions of people that can’t afford land and a house in genteel surburbia. Or thousands of acres on a farm outside of small town USA. So however you want to word it, it’s actual reality for millions of American children, And the teachers trying to educate them. So The real question is, do you care about changing it? or complaining, and then, ignoring it?

  • I can’t believe this David Harris doesn’t have a meltdown over that first picture. Conservative or not, he has to have at least some inkling of the societal and economic issues that Poc face.

    • There is a video on this page< I just watched it. The one with a young woman in a car… You probably missed it due to advertisements and thought it's just another vid of some ad… Closer to the bottom of the article, with Twitter logo in a corner…

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