Talk about hilarious, CNN was watching in horror as the huge crowd in Nevada said, we are here to see President Trump and not wearing the tyrannical masks and more!

This is Nevada, were their governor held an emergency legislative meeting so they could, without any GOP support, pass a bill mandating universal mail-in voting for the entire state. The pitch was, COVID-19 was so geared that voters would choose to stay home instead of “risking their lives”, to vote in person.

With the only hope of winning, is by stealing, the upcoming elections, thus the Clinton News Network and other networks just can’t handle these types of scenes and are huge triggers for their hyper progressive propagandists, called reporters.

Via The Gateway Pundit

CNN is very concerned about the health of Americans.   This is the only reason why they are triggered when they see patriots at the Trump rally in Nevada tonight mingling without masks or proper social distancing.

CNN has had it.  Enough of Americans having a good time.  Trump’s election rallies must be stopped.  Although the number of deaths from COVID-19 peaked in April, we must continue to social distance and wear masks, it’s for our own good.

CNN reported an hour ago:

The Hill and the rest of the media freaked as well:

CNN followed up with a report on the Trump rally and the first paragraph was this:

Attendees at a Nevada campaign rally for President Donald Trump on Saturday appeared to not be social distancing, and few people have been seen wearing face masks as they wait to go through security ahead of the event.

What CNN was really upset about was that another 10,000 people showed up even though the event was only scheduled one day prior.  (This was while Joe Biden slept in his basement all day.)

And here is what they will not do.

Follow up and see how many attendees attracted and died from their lack of social distancing today.

The reason, 99.9 percent of Americans will not die from the virus.

So it’s time to re-open our great country 100 percent!


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