Open and free elections have been a bragging point for the United States of America.

So respected around the world, countries would fly in our election observers to help them conduct fair elections, which could be reported around the world.

With the increasing number of immigrants, and with massive numbers of students graduating from our now Marxist portals, called public education, the internal disdain for traditional American values, aka Donald Trump, just lead to stealing the 2020 Presidential election, without blushing.

The left chose Joe Biden, whom some have labeled as a Manchurian candidate or as you will hear an Apparatchik, propped up by a politburo which is the executive committee for communist parties. It is present in most former and existing communist states. Under Trotskyism, the Politburo is a bureau of the Central Committee.

On Sunday Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) was interviewed by Maria Bartiromo on Fox News, Sunday Morning Futures.

When asked about Joe’s VP running mate, Kamala Harris, Nunes described how she got on the ticket and why the left chose sleepy Joe over crazy Bernie Sanders.

Nunes went on to compare Joe Biden’s stunning and fraudulent win with the former Soviet Union “elections.”

Rep. Devin Nunes: I think the American people now see it too, Maria.  You have an election here where just a few counties in the United States of America and the big cities that are all run by Democrats and the left and the state of California which is under one-party control, they essentially elected a guy who ran the first campaign ever out of a basement.  So, when you go back in history we don’t have to go back very far.  This is very reminiscent of the old Soviet Union where they just take these old decrepit leaders, they put them up there, then they have the people underneath, the Politburo, that would actually run their leaders…


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  • In an election such as we had, it wouldn’t matter if Biden bent over and kissed all the Communists asses, he would have been elected. I’ve voted in many elections, and I recall only one that came near this last on regarding the cheating. Shame on America if this election is not rescinded.

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