The dependably red state of Georgia has been slowly turning purple.

In the past year, the Governor, Brian Kemp, updated the state’s voting system to a problematic Canadian company that was rejected over security concerns by the state of Texas, Dominion Voting Systems.

In addition the governor and security of state allowed for mail in ballots, without identification verification, to be sent out tens of thousands of households.

Well when you combine the security concerns with the pre-verified ballots coming in to the processing centers, and the GOP voter monitors not being be allowed to monitor the ballots at each table, the Georgia vote has turned into a disaster.

With the governor and secretary of state taking a stand against any systemic voting issues this year, the rapid recounting taking place, without auditing the vote, has many concerned the vote will be certified in spite of pending lawsuits.

Some are finally speaking up as more and reports of calculation errors and flat our forgetting to add some votes from the machines are caught in the re-count.

Alex Jones is currently leading a group of Trump supporters who have stormed the Georgia State Capitol to “Stop the Steal.”

Jones spoke outside prior to entering the building with Republican operative Ali Alexander and America First host Nick Fuentes.

“We’ve got to do whatever it takes. If we lose this, we’ve lost the Republic,” Alexander told the crowd inside the Capitol.


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  • Corrupt politicians are taking
    advantages on ultimate of democracy. America is land of freedom but freedom is almost doomed.
    We have to courtmartial corrupt politicians and goldmining social media tycoons.

  • Take all of the Democrats down that has done this horrible injustice to the USA! We know President Trump won and they must not get away with it! And the media needs to stop with negative comments and banning comments of our President! Please don’t back down! We stand tall and strong for President Trump!! Prosecute ALL ! This election because of the Democratic Party has divided this country with their bias opinions, cheating, fraud, placing racism where there was none, burning our cities, beating up people with BLM and ANTIFA that we know the Democrats started!!

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