There are only a few far left-leaning cities, with Marxist mayors and citizens who will not stand up to anarchists.

They just stand by and let them destroy their properties and terrorize their communities.

Portland, Seattle, and Chicago, to name a few, give SJW wannabees in other cities the impression they can also go to local cities and terrorize them.

What they are finding out is most Americans are NOT going to stand by and there will be a lot of guns waiting for them, from the police and private citizens.

Another case in point.

In La Mesa, CA, in San Diego County, located 9 miles east of Downtown San Diego, there are 57,000 people who are looking to live the American dream.

Last Saturday San Diego Black Lives Matter protesters held a rally in support of the street terrorists in Portland.

You know the ones In Portland, angry violent leftists who have destroyed the downtown in 2 months of rioting. reported:

Black Lives Matter terrorists tried again to turn La Mesa into an autonomous zone like has been happening in Portland and Seattle. La Mesa is a liberal suburb of San Diego. This is the second time they have failed. The week before only about 20 terrorists showed up and were greatly outnumbered.

About 300 people showed up for a sympathy-with-Portland event in La Mesa, a suburb of San Diego.

Some BLM terrorists declared that there would be “war” that night. However, after finding themselves greatly out-numbered and surrounded by hundreds of police and angry local citizens, many BLM terrorists decided to leave early in mid-afternoon, long before dark. The Organizer declared that “San Diego is not Portland!”. What a disappointment for them!

It is clear that they were intending to turn La Mesa into San Diego’s “autonomous zone”, much as in Portland and Seattle. The event was billed as a stand-with-Portland event.

There were several groups of defenders there to make sure the rioting and destruction of property did not happen again.

The largest contingent was coordinated via the Defend East County Facebook group. Probably there were about 150 defenders representing the various groups, scattered around town. They were not really counter-protesters. They were “defenders”, there to try to make sure that BLM did not devastate La Mesa again.

There was no vandalism and no fires. Many of the terrorists packed up and went home in mid-afternoon, long before dark when the “war” was supposed to start.

Some stayed until about 9pm, but eventually, the police left and they all left a few minutes later, concerned about their own safety for a change. (On May 30th they had burned down two banks and another major building, vandalized and looted dozens of other businesses.)

This is how you do it America, communities come together, stand down the terrorist, and they will go away.

A majority of the confused youth, behind their silly homemade masks, don’t want to die or even get hurt, they just want to do as the mob does. If the mob gets to destroy things, they will, if not, they go home.

Just like Occupy Wall Street, once the Winter comes, these roaches will go back into hiding, except where they have been allowed to take over. In addition after the elections are over and the left will have not use for them any longer, or at least until they need a diversion again, in pursuit of cultural unrest.


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    • Thank you for writing the truth! I have deep appreciation and gratitude for DEC and your honest post. Keep up the good work everyone and God Bless America!

      • Sometimes shit has to get real for people to understand that what these worthless and racist groups are doing is terrorism in the name of racism, the very thing they are “supposedly” fighting against! It’s sad it’s come to this, but watch what happens when they come up against a community that runs their scared little asses out. And then make them pack out their own dead. We’ll see who’s who then. Come to my neighborhood, because they would be the ones who get “woke” Imo BLM and ANTIFA can kiss my ass.

  • Please fix the title. Currently the end is “ With ANIFA Terrorists”. I’m dumbfounded this got posted with ANTIFA misspelled.

  • Bahahahaha Sissy pieces of crap ! They ain’t nothing unless they’re in a group , killing children and beating up old people . I wish they had stomped the BLM out of them

  • Funny how people will read this headline and think that this is a true story. Yet another internet troll peddling false news. This didn’t happen. You are plain stupid if you believe anything on this site.

  • ANTIFA and BLM are upset because La Mesa didn’t cave the first time, still won’t cave, and isn’t going to cave. The citizens are fed up with their crap and won’t put up with it. So unless they’re stupid enough to keep fighting a losing battle—and they might be—they need to give up and go back to harassing the sad wimp-ass liberal cities like Seattle and Portland who lack the balls to stand up for themselves.

  • I am a San Diego County resident and have lived here since 1973. I have worked in La Mesa and found it to be a friendly city. I am and will be a Republican for the rest of my life. It saddens me that so many of today’s youth are like sheep and cannot form a logical opinion or decisions on their own, they believe all that the mainstream media throws at them. I pray to God they wake up one day and realize that this great country has a lot to offer, but they also need to realize that they must obtain realistic goals and work for them. Nothing good is handed out free of charge.

  • THANK YOU for getting it right and seeing the big picture without bias. As a member of DEC, one in more than 20,000 members, we appreciate that at least one media article understands our outrage when terrorists and rioters came the first time. This group was formed on May 31st, the day after the first attack on La Mesa. We vowed to stand united and not let our neighbors down. Thank you again for understanding.

  • You know an article is a good reliable source when they can’t even spell their headline correctly 🤦🏼‍♀️

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