Trump Attorney and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani is still working to flip the election for President Trump. Though it is getting late in the process as January 6th is approaching fast and Rudy is receiving threats from Dominion and Smartmatic, he is as busy as ever,

Regardless if it on Rudy’s daily show, Rudy Giuliani’s Common Sense, or interviews on various news outlets, he continues to pushing evidence of voting machines manipulating counts, states allowing bogus ballots, and cities blocking GOP monitors from viewing the counting process.

Rudy Giuliani joined Bernie and Sid on WABC to update the audience on the election lawsuits.

He told the WABC audience, “We believe from what we saw in Michigan that the machines have an inaccurate vote—that they’re programmed to give Biden somewhere between a 2% and 5% advantage.”

Here is the full audio from the Bernie and Sid show from WABC:


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  • It is so depressing to continually to read and hear articles as this knowing that nothing can nor will be done about it. My heart and my faith in America is deeply broken

  • You’re right Don, we can’t stop Rudy from running his mouth but something tells me NY State will have a little to say about that soon

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