In the final month prior to the 2020 presidential election, former Vice President Joe Biden and his family’s past relationships with China, Ukraine, and Russia, etc, rocked the Internet via a NY Post story concerning content found on Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Smoking-gun email reveals how Hunter Biden introduced Ukrainian businessman to VP dad

Through the suppression of the facts via the social media giants and major news networks, Joe was able to make it through to the election basically unscathed, even though there was verifiable, very damaging information, concerning him taking a percentage of the deals in some of the emails.

This story topped off a year of investigative reporting, by Peter Schweizer, John Solomon, and reported by Sean Hannity, laying out to the world Joe’s possible compromised position going into the presidency.

Using corporate records, financial disclosure forms, travel logs, and other sources the activities of the Biden’s and those associated with them, red flags started popping which should have been caught and used by those running against Joe in the Democratic primaries.

Some have even suggested that Biden is even compromised by his ties to China, and can’t fairly represent the United States.

Now that Joe is the “President-Elect and is announcing his possible cabinet members, one of the possible picks just caught the attention of many.

A firm linked to Biden, through someone he wants to add to his team, is fueling speculation by scrubbing their business links to China.

The Washington Free Beacon reports:

Biden-Linked Firm WestExec Scrubs China Work From Website

The Washington, D.C., consulting firm cofounded by President-elect Joe Biden’s secretary of state nominee, Antony Blinken, has removed from its website details of its China-related business as the firm’s work has drawn scrutiny following Biden’s election victory.

As recently as late July, WestExec Advisors touted its work helping major American universities court donations in China without jeopardizing Pentagon-funded research grants.

An archived version of the WestExec site states that “U.S. research universities” were among the company’s clients and that the consultancy worked with schools to “remain a trusted partner for DoD-sponsored research grants while expanding foreign research collaboration, accepting foreign donations, and welcoming foreign students in key STEM programs.”

The company deleted references to such work from its website between July 26 and August 2, weeks before Biden accepted his nomination at the Democratic National Convention in late August.

The consultancy’s work is under the microscope because Biden has tapped, or is considering tapping, several of its principals and advisers who have thus far refused to disclose their clients or elaborate on the precise nature of their work.

Biden is eyeing Blinken’s WestExec cofounder, the former Pentagon official Michèle Flournoy, as a potential secretary of defense.

I am becoming more syndical by the hour with the Bidens, Obamas, and Clintons. Yes, I know they have been corrupt for decades, but their ability to continue to skirt justice, in downright infuriating.

It will not surprise that corrupt people will serve in a Biden administration, and if the democrats were able to take over both chambers of Congress, website scrubbing politicians will not have to scrub anything but instead walk boldly into power, just like Joe.


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