Wow, if Joe Biden is able to steal the election, he will have to be kept in the White House bunker or will see a lot more of the following. The 78-year-old once again made mistakes during a speech even though was reading off a teleprompter.

Even though the election is still undecided, the Biden campaign keeps Joe moving ahead as though he is the President-Elect, choosing a cabinet.

With his loss of mental acuity, many know that it will be Biden’s handlers who will actually be doing running things.

On Tuesday Biden was to announce another nominee, and they had the teleprompter all queued up.

He starting by announcing his choice “For Secretary of Health and Education Services.”

The problem is, the name of the department is “Health and Human Services” – not “Health and Education Services.”

Then Biden butchered his nominees name, “I nominate Xavier Backaraya.” Then a few seconds later, Javier “Bashera”.

You would think the Biden team would have reviewed who the nomiee is before sending Sleepy Joe out, teleprompter or not.

The nominee is Xavier Becerra, the Attorney General of California.


No shame on the left as they are using a older man who should be at home sipping a tea instead of trying to impersonate the next President Of The United States.

My only question is, if sworn in, will they hide Joe and work through him or will the globalists force him out of office, inserting the unpopular Kamala Harris in his place?


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    • David, I don’t make snide remarks about Mr. Biden because he’s a sick man & has shown early signs of dementia. I had a very close relative who had those very signs & ended up with Altizimers. If indeed Mr. Biden ends up as our president he’ll be a puppet for Pelosi, Schumer, et al but not Harris as she is incapable of doing anything except sleeping with higher-ups! We need to pray that Prisent Trump prevails in his ayyemp to over turn the fraudulant votes.

  • It is embarrassing the whole world is watching America! This is what America has lol! The whole Government is Corrupt. Thank you GOVERNMENT for making AMERICANS LOOK STUPID

  • Sleazy Joe is the PERFECT man for the job….he will say/do exactly what he is told to do and not remember it 5 minutes later….he will wonder why every leader in the world is laughing at him…..maybe….Can not wait to see the faces on all the kids with college loans (that ONLY voted for him to cancel their loans) find out that their loans will STILL be due as before….lol

  • These nominations based largely (totally?) on race / gender / sexual preference (oops), etc., vs. proven abilities and content of character (huh!) can only backfire and also result in continuation and exacerbation of the inner conflict this nation has undergone due to liberal one-horse pony blinders.

  • All he has to do is ask Soros and the other people who control him and they will tell him again who they picked… er who he picked.

  • Why is this not surprising? After all, when you have populated an administration with people with foreign-sounding names, and alienated, foreign, globalist perspectives, it is probably difficult to remember who they are, what position they hold or how their names are pronounced, much less which countries’ interests, belief systems, legal systems, ideological perspectives, sexual orientations or preferences, preferred personal pronouns of address, or racial variations they represent. Having grown up in the 50s and 60s, baby- boomer senior citizens are, somewhat, mystified at the varieties or legitimacy of political representation which stymie the constitutional purposes of domestic tranquility, the provision for the common defense, the promotion of the general welfare, the security of the blessings of life and liberty, much less any notion of the equality of justice which is made impossible by any sense of equality under the law and the lack of fundamental commonality factors such as language, cultural heritage, and religion which are necessary to a national cohesion regarding domestic and foreign policies which are accurately and unifyingly, if not unitingly, representative. Is it any wonder that the world looks at us more bewildered than expectant?

  • Biden, is a disgrace and the DEMORATS are even more of a disgrace. I am a 77 year old female and have seen many elections in my time. This election was a slap in the face to the American people. We can see there was “fraud” perpetrated by the DEMORATS, to drag Creepy Old Joe across the finish line to use him to destroy this Country. It was the DEMORATS who wanted mail in ballots a perfect opportunity to commit the ” fraud” and it had nothing to do with the virus. Today we can see that Biden is unfit to run this Country and they will make sure to get rid of him and force him out and put the lying phony Harris in with the RADICAL AGENDA that she stands for. This is a sad day in this Country that we the people cannot let happen, and what to do about it.

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