Polling companies are a dime a dozen, and just like the news industry, they mostly exist to make big money.

Most pollsters know what data the mainstream media will purchase. The more the polls support the leftist candidates, the higher their news media viewership, allowing them to charge more for advertising.

This business model is what created the 2016 election night surprise.shocking the left, even driving some into therapy. The polling companies adjusted their metrics, weighted the polls by oversampled democratic, asked questions designed to obtain desired responses, and build in variables they could use in case their findings blow up on the election day.

Well, these mainstream polling companies got several states wrong, leaving the audiences of these news networks, live CNN, in disarray.

The most accurate 2016 polling company, Trafalger Group, who focuses on swing states, was rejected as an outlier but in the end, was the one who called Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania.

Robert Cahaly, the CEO of the Trafalger Group, was on with Maria Bartiromo‘s, Mornings with Maria,  to discuss the latest polling the day before election day.

Cahaly says in the battleground states President Trump is consistently seeing over 20% of the African American vote.

Cahaly added this, “It’s a significant move in this vote. And everytime a black leader comes forward and says they’re with Trump it makes people actually less shy about declaring they’re for Trump.” And the Trafalger CEO said this was “definitely enough to tip the scales” for Trump.

Via Mornings with Maria:


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