Some big news out of Pennsylvania as their GOP lead PA House Of Representatives signed on to the Texas case against their own state’s fraudulent activity.

The state of Texas sued Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin on Monday night with the US Supreme Court challenging their unlawful election procedures.

Texas argued these four states violated the US Constitution because they made changes to voting rules and procedures through the courts or through executive actions. But these states did not make the changes through the state legislatures as spelled out in the US Constitution.

In addition, 18 states have joined in the lawsuit – MO, AL, AR, FL, NE, ND, OK, IN, KS, LA, MS, MT, SC, SD, TN, UT, WV, and AZ

President Trump tweeted his legal team would be joining on too.

More than 100 House Republicans have signed on to an amicus brief backing a lawsuit from Texas to the Supreme Court seeking to overturn the results of the election in the states of Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Georgia.

Two notable Republican leadership names on this list: House Minority Whip Steve Scalise and Republican Policy Committee Chairman Gary Palmer.

Now this afternoon from inside the belly of beast, the Pennsylvania House joined the case against the actions of their state’s Secretary Of State, Governor and PA Supreme Court.


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  • I absolutely believe my vote may have been stolen and I am an honest American that deliberately went with my daughter
    We voted expecting our votes to make a important part of the election. Our votes lost their value by fraudulent voting and counting fraudulent ballots. One vote per living registered voter is integrity. Anything else stole my vote and my daughters.

    • True story, the value of letting ‘the process’ work, is lost when fraud is perpetrated upon the framework and structure of our ENTIRE system. We must correct the vote and firmly punish the perpetrators!

  • How do I go about suing my own state of New York!! Who do I talk to first how do I get this ball running I know others in our state want the same thing and our new congresswoman elect is a Republican and is going to fight for us I apologize I don’t have her name but she is remarkable! Does this have to go through Chuck Schumer? We use the fraudulent Dominion voting system! I called our New York State Senator Pam helmings and a congressman Chris Jacobs office in his Washington DC location at 202-225-5265 and told him both offices that we used Dominion and New York state has already called Joe Biden and congratulated him on his presidential win, the reason for that is to have a peaceful transition into the White House is what was told to me…! By both parties.. please help me in this situation to sue New York State!! My vote and any other red voter is not being heard! This is America in New York state is a fraud run by evil!!! Evil people!!! I don’t know how people can sit back and just let this happen. People died for our freedom to keep us safe their names mean nothing and fought for nothing if we can’t keep America together
    How do I get a hold of our new congresswoman elect???

  • Every single state should rise up and be heard. This election is so rigged….it’s an American embarrassment. Stand up and be heard and RECOUNTED!

  • I saw how they cheated here in Clark county, NV. Last Oct 30th, I saw Emmet, IT Supervisor left the tabulation room with a laptop, flash drive hanging with his ID on his chest and a secure data module drive. I am not allowed to take a picture but I documented what I saw that day including the ballots that was already scanned in the outside tabulation room was brought to the inside tabulation room. We can’t see what is going on in the inside tabulation room. I saw 2 old scanner machine was brought to the inside tabulation room; I was told that IT is going to use it to scan the custody logs from the Freedom room, not the ballots. During that time Emmet was inside the tabulation room. The Freedom room is the room designated for signature verification and it’s far from the tabulation room. We saw box # 975 with a pink sticker ( scanned ballot) came from the inside tabulation and brought into the outside tabulation room, Fenglan Liu saw it too. Then I saw staff in the Freedom room accepting and saving signatures when there was only one signature on the screen, they say ” no reference” and accepted tge signature. Happened many times. I saw box #996 brought to the inside tabulation room and I never saw it again. The rest of the boxes came out and was placed inside the vault that looks like a cage so you can see all the boxes on top of each other by rows. I will continue to support Pres Trump., if he order martial law I will support and follow the Pres. If we end up with civil war, I will understand and support the Pres. All we ask is a fair and honest election. If we can’t have it the country will never be united. We trust in the power of God. The SCOTUS failed us, and we the people are very disappointed. If Pres Trump declared martial law or the people decided for a civil war then let it be. We don’t have a country if we don’t have an honest election. This is a very corrupt election and people will fight for justice. I am one of the 80 million people who is disgusted that the justice department should no longer be called justice department but injustice department. Very disappointed with AG Barr, Gina Haspel, and Christopher Wray for not doing their job. Very disappointed with the media for being bias. All I can say now is this, you might have all the money, prestige, and power but we are all going to die. God knows what we have been doing and we are going to be sentence by God the Father whether we like it or not. The gifts that God gave to each of us is just training and I hope we all pass the test. God will always win this battle between good and evil. We pray and we will not stop praying for Pres Trump to win this battle. God bless to all and keep the faith. God is on our side and His ways is different from ours. Thank you Supreme Court Judges Alito and Thomas. You will never be forgotten by the patriots. You will be written in the history books of this magnificent country of the USA.

  • It is a shame that the US Supreme court has declined to hear this case. it is obvious that there needs to be a clean, clear public and constitutional hearing of these issues. There must be a conclusion to this dispute. Americans need some sort of reassurance that our process of election is dependable and honest. We are not a third world country. We do not make the rules as we go along. We make the rules public before the election and then we follow them. At least that is what we used to do.

    • Actually they did the right thing! It was only declined due to being written incorrectly, it wasn’t dismissed. It will be corrected and resubmitted. Better this way, then to have it later thrown out later over technical reasons.

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