There are several indicators we can look at when trying to evaluate who is winning the presidential campaign.

Where are the candidates in the few remaining “swing states” such as Florida, Ohio, Wisconsin, Michigan, Iowa, Nevada, Pennsylvania & North Carolina?

Who has the momentum as indicated in the event attendance numbers, supporters enthusiasm IE yard signs, spontaneous gatherings, voter registration efforts, and more simply, what is the sitting presidents’ current approval rating numbers?

The consensus has been the closer the president is to 50%, the better chance they have.

This is why 3 weeks ago, the Trump campaign was struggling as Rasmussen was reporting that Biden had opened a 9 point lead and Trump’s approval number had dropped down to 45% On October 8th.

So here is some great news for the Trump campaign.

The situation has changed dramatically as President Trump has cut the lead down to 2 percent, and his approval number is better than where Obama was at this point before his re-election victory.

President Trump holds a 52% approval rating in the Rasmussen daily polling on Thursday before the second and final presidential debate. Barak Obama was at 50% running up to his re-election victory.

Barak Obama’s approval number, in the Gallup Poll on election day was 51% (Nov 5-11. 2012 -)

This is devastating news for Democrats.

The election outcome will determined by tonight’s debate, voter turn out, and how much voter fraud can be prevented and caught when attempted.

The early voting numbers are favoring the GOP “BIGLY”, the fraud is being closely monitored, so now it’s up to tonight’s debate.

With a solid presidential performance by Trump, along with the huge unfolding Biden corruption story, the election might be decided this week.


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