For generations teachers, professors, and school administrators were some of the most respected members of their communities.

As members of huge teachers unions, social media groups and activists for social justice warrior groups, more and more

Take, for example, a woman who was teaching a seventh-grade class for O’Maley Innovation Middle School in Gloucester, Massachusetts.

The teacher was covering a debate between President Donald Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

“The teacher asked, ‘Who supports Donald Trump?'” Jackson recalled to WHDH-TV. “And I was the only one to raise my hand.”

He noted to WBZ that “a few kids were going to raise their hands, but then they heard the teacher say to me, ‘Oh Mr. Jackson, I thought I liked you.'”

Then the teacher’s Trump Derangement Syndrome flared up.

“Then she asked why I support a racist and a pedophile,” he noted to WHDH.

Jackson added to the station that “she also said, ‘I am ashamed of any woman who voted for Donald Trump,’ and I told her my mom and one of my grandmothers voted for Donald Trump.”

With the teacher attacking Jackson, several of his classmates felt emboldened to join the “shaming”.

“I was just upset because other kids in the class were ganging up on me, laughing at me, and she was laughing and wouldn’t say anything to them,” Jackson noted to WHDH.

Once Jackson’s family found out what went down in his class, they fought back.

They contacted a First Amendment attorney and asked the school for an apology, and got one.

With Jackson and his family fighting back, the radical teacher later apologized to him in front of the entire class, Jackson said that helped.

“We tell them to stand up for yourself and don’t be afraid to speak your opinion,” Jackson’s father, Jay Cody told WBZ. “Their opinions are theirs; they’re not our opinions. They’re very well read children. They like to educate themselves on their own topics. Unfortunately they do disagree with us very often.”

Gloucester Public Schools Superintendent Ben Lummis told WHDH he was disappointed after first hearing about the incident.

“We always want our students and staff to feel safe — and that their point of view is understood and respected,” he told the station in a statement. “Every day in our schools — we strive for tolerance, understanding, different perspectives and being civil.”

More significant perhaps is the news Lummis broke that his staff will undergo training next week on how to address controversial topics with their students, WHDH reported.

“Certain topics — politics, religion, even sports nowadays — can sometimes be discussed and can very much make kids feel uncomfortable,” Jay Cody told WHDH. “You would hope teachers could recognize that and take advantage of it the opposite way.”

He also told the station that if teachers do discuss controversial topics, they should “stand in the middle and hear from both sides.”

In the end, Jackson told WHDH “everyone has the right to their own opinion, and everyone should respect that.”


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  • I’m glad that they stood up against this teacher’s bigotry. As parents, we need to start being more involved with what our children are learning and how it’s being taught. Unfortunately, more parents are interested in themselves than what’s being poured into their children’s brains by radicalized teachers who teach our children to hate America.

    • This woman should be fired on the spot no second chances for her. She not only bashed our POTUS she belittled and shamed this boy in front of his class mates. She is a bully in the worse degree. If he were my boy I’d hire an attorney and she would be made an example of. I can’t believe she said, “and I thought I liked you”! Those words are are very hateful. As Trump would say…”YOU’RE FIRED”!

      • This teacher should be fired as a matter of fact I think I’m going to send a message to the school board, I want her fired. And any other teacher in America from first grade to college that are caught over stepping in politics or religion. And if I were his parents I’d be suing the school and teacher.

      • As it so happens to be, I also had a similar incident with the worst math teacher in the world, when I was a junior in high school. Now, before I tell my shortened version of what all happened. I should address, that I also learned a serious key factor in to why these issue’s are constantly swept under the rug. I found out that the superintendent is not who is truly in-charge of the schools anymore. The teachers are who really run the schools, now. Remember that there’s always power in numbers. Ok, now that you know what grade I was in, when this happened, I should note that, while I was in 7th grade, the school system had me be tested for my intelligence, with the basic class skills and I scored the highest score in mathematics, with a score of the level of being a junior in college, while I was just a mere 7th grader. Ok, now with that said, she could not do simple division and get our grades correct, which already triggered her, as I pointed that out to her. Since, she literally had 4 students in all of her classes, that didn’t have “F”s in her classes. Which, should have alerted the faculty, as it was. But, I told her, that if she was not going to accept the fact that missing 2 perfect answers on a 15 question quiz, does not give her the right to automatically give us all “F”s, in the classroom, let alone all of her classes. That’s an 85% pass, where she was saying that we were all below 60%,by not getting every single answer correct. So, I challenged her and I presented every single quiz and exam to the principal and he even agreed that I had passing grades on them. Yes, like I said, she was supposed to be teaching a class, that she, herself had failed with. Which, happened to be Algebra. And, I had a failed grade, for that year, because of it, along with 90% of the rest of the students in ALL of her classes. The next year, I took the same course and I literally slept through it and I had the highest GPA in the class, with a teacher that knew what he was doing and understood how it works. Now, it took 2 year’s of the same problem coming up with the rest of her classes and the parents complaining to the principal and the superintendent of the school, to get her investigated and then found guilty of not being able to do her job. And, she was a younger woman, that cared about her looks, of course. Which, I do believe that she pulled out the Kamala Harris handbook, to get what she wanted, for doing nothing. Or, my old teacher is the one who wrote the book, really. Since, I graduated in 96′. But, to recap on the point of the true story that I went through, even the superintendent admitted to my parents and I, that there was nothing that he could do, since he answered to the teachers, through the teachers union, even back then. And, it took over 200+ students to fail her classes, for them taking us seriously about it and addressing it, by firing her and banning her from being able to teach anything else in this state…

        • that is an awful story – however there were things to do, not that the average layperson knows this. The issue can be elevated first to ESD (Educational Service District) then to OSPI in your state. Also I assume as a junior you might have been in Alg 2 – however if you were as advanced as you say then you could have likely been in higher math such as pre calc or calc. As a parent I would have yanked my kid out of that class and demanded the school pay for online math., but that would be now – back in 96 there wasn’t online anything. Also I would have plunked my kid in running start math at the point of first semester failure. Again – parents don’t know their options and always think “this can’t be really happening that this teacher is so horrid”.

    • Yes, she should be fired. Lord knows Conservatives are losing their jobs every day simply because they are Conservative.

    • What the heck is going on in our schools today?? Good for this young man & his family. The teacher should have been fired, token for all those who think they can act like her and get away with this type of behavior. Intimidating a student UNBELIEVABLE!

  • Oh, how I wish he’d had the presence of mind to say, “oh, well, I really should ask YOU that question.”

  • Incidents like the can not keep getting swept under the rug and these teachers who are suppose to be the adults have to be held accountable for their ignorance and hatred that they bring into the classroom. Teachers like this need to be removed from the classroom. This stuff is happening on a daily basis and until their are drastic consequences for this crap it is only going to get worse. Indoctrination in our schools must end no ifs ands or butts about it. I would remove my kid from this teachers class. Who wants their kids taught by a hate filled bigot who has no self control and can’t keep their political views to themselves and not force it on their students.

  • Her way …was a grown up bully. She encouraged his peers to do the same. She would no longer teach my child, nor any one else’s. She be let go.

  • This is not a Teacher. She is a disgrace . What she did is nothing short of terrorism in the classroom.
    Imparting her opinions onto a minor with the intent to frighten embarras and belittle a young student is not education.
    A professional should take on all sides of a debate and deliberate on the facts.
    She should resign from her employer or get fired.

  • His dumb ass teacher is getting Trump mix up with joe. Joe is is the one who is racist crazy and goes around Molesting children. If she cant see what joes is doing then she dumb has fuck

  • Why wouldn’t the school fire this racist teacher. This is part of the problem with schools and universities that indoctrinate kids into a liberal Democratic thought process where if you don’t agree with them, they feel that they have the right to belittle, berate, yell at, and even use physical violence against you. This needs to stop, just like the liberal media, teachers just need to teach the facts and cultivate the young minds to think for themselves and make there own decisions , rather then presenting lessons in a way that pushes their liberal agenda on the kids.

  • That teacher needs fired. When someone has a diff opinion than your own, you don’t attack them for it. President Trump is not racist and definitely not a prey on children. That teacher was wrong and if more people would do their research they would know the real truth.

  • Trump? A racist and a pedophile? What would anyone base those lies on? Cnn talking points? BS !!!!! THE LIBERAL PRESS will post none of the facts on Joe and hunter biden! Nothing! Nada! Trump hasn’t been photographed rubbing stroking and sniffing women and little girls. There is NO evidence of his bring racist either. None! Nada! But look at bidens past. Facts after facts that he deplored black people. Pushing Bill Clinton crime bill, telling black people “if you’re black and you don’t vote for me you ain’t really black!” How freaking insulting to black people who are capable of thinking for themselves. Democrats have owned the black vote because of false promises…….not kept. Look objectively at what Trump has done and even in the face of tremendous liberal democratic obstruction. Black and Hispanic unemployment is at lowest point in modern history. In short Joe Biden, kamala Harris and the democrats are lying to the American people…….BIGGGGGG time! Pandering for votes !

  • No, no, no. An apology isn’t the answer. They need to put in a pro Trump speaker for that class And in front of the class, discuss prejudice, discrimination, and political views. Saying, ” oh, I should not have said that,” and keeping this teacher employed sends a signal that you can slant the kids education, demean students with whom you disagree, teach those students differently, and encourage the class to do the same as long as you ,”apologize” when caught.

  • No, no, no. An apology isn’t the answer. They need to put in a pro Trump speaker for that class And in front of the class, discuss prejudice, discrimination, and political views. Saying, ” oh, I should not have said that,” and keeping this teacher employed sends a signal that you can slant the kids education, demean students with whom you disagree, teach those students differently, and encourage the class to do the same as long as you ,”apologize” when caught.

  • The sad truth about this is that us adults are the reason children find conversations about politics uncomfortable. They see the anger & intolerance in the way we are handling it amongst each other. It’s a shame.

  • Teacher Should be fired first and foremost! She as a teacher Should know The Constitution of the United States and who it protects! And that 12-year-old boy is one of them!

  • Laura Hawkins
    So disappointed in the seventh grade teacher who brought up such a controversial subject and then subjected a student to ridicule for supporting our current president! She did NOTHING when other students laughed at and teased him in class. That does not create a positive learning environment, when the teacher bullies and publicly humiliates a student for having beliefs which are different from her own. Other students were quick to realize they needed to hide their support of our president from the class, as it had become a hostile environment, with a lack of tolerance, inclusiveness, and acceptance. Shame on that teacher, and others who do the same indoctrination!

  • Teacher should have been fired, there is no place in our schools for this kind of behavior. She’s only sorry that she got called out and it’s only a matter of time before she does it again.

  • If you know this to be true then the teachers name and skool he or she works at should be published here also. Parents should be allowed to know where not to send their children.